Online Marketing: Reputation Management – Ignorance Is Not Bliss.

When a brand of business seems to be ticking over just nicely, it’s common for things like reputation and general public opinion to be somewhat overlooked.

After all, if things are going about as well as they need to be, why worry what the rest think? Unfortunately, this can be a recipe for disaster as like most diseases and nasty things in general, reputation issues swept under the rug tend to fester and grow into something far worse.

Reputation management in online marketing is a brilliantly interesting subject and one that’s impossible to fully appreciate until you’ve had a crack at the idea yourself. If you want to succeed and indeed be as successful as possible, you need to know what’s being said about you and your business across the board. Sure, you’re getting nice comments and testimonials being thrown your way, but what about the stuff behind the scenes you might not be aware of?

How can you be sure there isn’t growing chatter that may have spawned from nothing but could still be doing your performance and appeal serious damage?

The answer is of course you can’t, until you take matters into your own hands and find out what’s what in online marketing:

Scouring the Web.

Search engines are all well and good, but in order to find out what’s being said across pretty much every arena out there, you either need a solid piece of software or the help of the professionals. Checking your reputation and seeing what’s happening far and wide means checking every website, forum, newsgroup, social media service, and just about everything else across the board. A life’s work if approached manually, a fairly quick job with the right tools and help in-tow.

Unless you’ve managed to somehow do a thousand times better than any other business in the history of history, you’re guaranteed to find at least a few disgruntled punters who have chosen to sling mud at your name and what you do. It’s here that most decide to just blank the minority and revel in the fact that most of their customers are happy enough – why bother with a few ‘bad eggs’?

Well, the simple answer is that negative press and name-bashing always tend to be more powerful than all the glowing feedback in the world. And now that you’ve come across those that haven’t been as pleased as the rest, it really only makes sense to do something proactive and constructive about it.

When you go out of your way to right a wrong, even if you weren’t in the wrong in the first placem you come out smelling of roses above and beyond anyone else. By turning a negative into a positive in such a way, you’re more likely to win folk over than by relying on the bog-standard positive feedback most businesses publish. If you’re known as a brand that makes the effort to go out and appease those you failed to please the first time, you’re known as one of the few brands that will stop at nothing to do its best for customers.

Pure gold for online marketing reputation management and a case-in-point illustration of why ignorance is rarely bliss.

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