Preparing for the Move to the Internet

The world is full of building blocks when starting a new business venture from home, but building an online presence is not necessarily the hardest part when it comes to online trading in the UK.

When it comes to starting out online, the main starting point is discovering the options available and understanding the basics of what you are looking to achieve from your website. In most cases, you should employ a digital marketing agency in Stockport to guide you to successful transitions online.


Fully visualising your goals and target for your website is the big advantage in avoiding coming back to the drawing board.

Taking time to fully plan out how you communicate with potential clients about your services can open up how you word and present what you offer.

Take enough time upfront to review competitor’ websites on how they communicate their vision. Some may use a bare-bones approach to wording which to you may appear not engaging enough but is in fact translated to clients who don’t understand your product/service as well as you do.

Remember, your website is about the client as much as it is about your business. The terminology they don’t understand can open them to a competitor they feel they can understand.


Having your website’s ideal name is great, but investigating its availability by checking the URL is not already existing is your first real step. You can check on such sites as Wix and GoDaddy to ensure that the domain and suffix are available. This saves time and a lot of confusion if another business already owns it.

If your intended domain is free, be sure to secure and .net also to prevent the registration by similar businesses.

Secure Host

Storing your data with a reliable and secure web host is something that needs to be looked into as to which service relates to your business needs.

Find a provider that gives maximum security as well as speedy response time. Website downtime costs a lot of business if you are riding high, so don’t go with a cheap option on it. What you will pay for is worth the money and is to prevent much more you stand to lose if a cheaper host affects your business by being unresponsive.


You could develop your website yourself using free online platforms. Generally, the cost is minimal but the downside is it can be very time consuming and have limited interactivity.

Most business owners follow the second option of having Stockport website design firms fully design and run the website. Although this has a general set up charge and monthly fee, it does provide a full professional service with web hosting and responsive web design in Stockport. This also gives a lot of scope for having the website be as you want it and saving you the time it would take in creating and maintaining.

Having a specialist that handles website design in Stockport not only has the creation of your site in hand but also has the benefit of having someone able to communicate your product to the general public, including through the use of SEO in Stockport.

For your first steps in internet trading to be successful, contact the team at Search and More to launch productively and professionally for the best online trading in the UK.

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