How To Get More People To ‘Like’ Your Business Facebook Page

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years you’re sure to have heard of Facebook.

Everyone has a page of their own, or if not they know someone who has. Social Media is undoubtedly the modern way of conversing with friends and family and has no equal. However, it’s not all about idle chatter and gossip: businesses use social media to promote their products and services.

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Many shrewd businessmen and women spotted the untapped potential of Facebook very early on and they hit the ground running. They recognised that the social media environment is tailor-made for business promotion and gives a unique opportunity for any business to branch into markets that were previously unreachable. If your business is new to all of this, or perhaps hasn’t been able to embrace the digital revolution to maximise the benefits and attract the audiences you’d ideally like, then maybe it’s time to have a look at the message you’re sending out.

The aim of any business Facebook page is to increase traffic to your website and engage with your customers.

Achieving this, let’s be honest, isn’t always easy and requires some hard work. It will be worth it though. If you can come up with a strategy that will engage your customers both on and offline, then your business will benefit. In short you need to get users to ‘like’ or endorse your Facebook page and products. If you’d like to know this might be achieved, then read on.

Make your Facebook page a place where users would like to go:

It won’t matter if your page has cutting edge design or content worthy of a Pulitzer Prize; if users don’t want to go there or feel disengaged from your message then it will all be a waste of time. Know your target audience before you start your Facebook page and do some research. Find out what they might want, and offer it to them. Tell them about your latest products, blog about it and ask them what they think. After all, what you’re trying to build is a community, and any community relies on dialogue. If you’re stuck for ideas, look around other sites and see what they’re offering.

Make sure you include a ‘like us on Facebook link’:

That may sound like a given, but some have been known to forget to add this. Ask your Facebook friends to ‘like’ your page and don’t be shy in asking these friends to recommend you to their friends. Also don’t be shy about self- promotion, even though that’s not the British thing to do. Put the link to your Facebook page anywhere and everywhere you can, whether that in your blog or on business cards and flyers. Remember faint heart never won fair lady. You might also try looking around other pages that happily will promote your business. If they’re out there it makes sense to use them.

Be inventive and keep your users interested in what you have to say:

If you haven’t already run one yet, try using the occasional competition. Perhaps you might see this as a kind of sell out, especially if you want users to come to your site for what you offer, rather than what you give away. That’s understandable, but the practise has been proven to be effective.

Blogging and posting messages on other sites:

Although you may already have a blog on your own website with a link to it on your Facebook page, why not try guest-blogging for someone else and adding the link to your Facebook page from this site. This tactic will obviously only work if what you have to say is of interest and not just a glorified sales pitch, and if the site you guest blog on has some sort of relationship or link to your own: there’s little point writing a guest blog on direct marketing and linking it to a site that sells football memorabilia. You may know the site owner, but it won’t help your business. Remember when you post your own blogs to put links to your Facebook page so that viewers will be aware of these. You can do this automatically if you’d prefer by setting up networked blogs.

The list of tips for improving your online Facebook profile is endless, and other tips will be published in later blogs to hopefully give you a little help and guidance.

The important point to remember is that if you want to get users to ‘like’ your Facebook page, then you have to put the work in to make sure that there is something there for them to like.

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