How Planning Your Content Marketing Can Increase Your Profits.

With the rise of content marketing as one of the highest ROI forms of marketing available, it would be foolhardy not to take advantage of it’s reach.

At Search and More, we fully advocate using content marketing, but does your content actually deliver value?

It is relatively easy to write ‘volumes’ on practically any topic under the sun. Between Wikipedia, Google and YouTube, you can piece together some kind of content, but is that enough? No, it isn’t. Your content must engage and also educate your audience. Your prospects will definitely not connect with you or your message if you simply sling words at them.

Content? What Kind of Content?

With everyone trying to use content marketing, many marketers and small businesses are simply not doing it right. A whopping 44% don’t have a documented content strategy, and 68% admit that they are not effectively producing and executing enough content. This stems from the lack of understanding of what content means now and the best way to use it.

Content doesn’t have to be just words on a web page. Content can include e-books, guides, even videos and podcasts. The key point to note is that, the best performing content is the content that works in your industry. Carry out relevant research to discover that, and you are close to achieving absolute content marketing domination.

Content can range from interviews with thought leaders to actual users, from guest blogging to videos to how-to posts, infographics, competitions. All these types of content can work….but, not if you have no idea who your buyers are.

The Importance of Knowing Your Buyer.

Think about it. The people you are trying to reach have some traits in common. What makes them tick? What kind of words and expressions do they respond to? What are their goals? What keeps them up at night? Understanding your end buyer can help you craft and deliver exactly the content they want to see and consume.

Smart businesses do this by creating buyer personas. You may also hear it referred to as a customer profile. It is a simply a method of narrowing and targeting the large pool of customers and tailoring your content so it resonates with them.

This distinction is vital for the success of any business. You wouldn’t buy a new car cover before choosing what type of car you are buying, would you? Knowing your customer and how your product helps them, will help you present it to them in a favourable manner

Other benefits of knowing your customer include:

  • Developing an appropriate tone that they respond to i.e. speaking their language.
  • Allowing you create effective calls to action in email marketing
  • Help you to create a lead-gen funnel that actually gets the best conversion

One mistake is that marketers use the wrong forms of marketing, the content you provide for a manufacturer of pallet racks is quite different than what would appeal to a pregnant first time mother. While one would thrive on white papers about industry news and developments, another would probably enjoy interesting videos on YouTube. Bottom line, different types for content resonate with different personas.

At Search and More, we collate buyer data, create consumer profiles and help you plan the content that will resonate with your customers. Let our skilled team at Search and More help you create buyer personas and valuable content that will lead to the conversions you desire.

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