The Power of Positive Imagery, Proven

It’s no secret that the right imagery really can transform a rather dull and boring website into something quite spectacular. Not only this, but quality imagery also has the potential to improve the way any given business is perceived in the eyes of its target audience. From engagement to reputation development and right through to improving conversion rates, the power of positive imagery knows no bounds.

Nevertheless, evidence suggests that the overwhelming majority of businesses are still failing to focus sufficient time, attention and in some cases money on visual content. Most are fully aware of the potential value of quality imagery, but it nonetheless tends to take a backseat to other priorities.

So with this in mind, he is a quick rundown of 8 facts that do a pretty good job encapsulating the importance of enhanced focus on online imagery:

1. First of all, the fact that there are now more than 75 million users active on Instagram each and every day illustrates in one fell swoop how web images are kind of a big deal. That’s 75 million pairs of eyes that could be looking at your own content or products.

2. Research shows that a whopping 93% of the Facebook posts that generate the most engagement and interaction are those with visual content, as opposed to plain text.

3. A study carried out recently by a team from Stanford University found that for 46% of consumers, visual imagery represents the single most important factor when it comes to assessing the professionalism and credibility of a website or online business. Which in turn means that if your own website’s imagery is not up to par, you run the risk of disappointing and/or losing the interest of about half of your visitors.

4. Imagery is also supremely powerful when it comes to local search. When polled, no less than 60% of customers said that they would be significantly more likely to select a local business if it included imagery when discovered by way of local online search. In addition, around one in every four said they would be more likely to get in touch with any given business that presents quality imagery.

5. The quality of the imagery chosen is of the utmost importance, though has the potential to pay real dividends. According Skyword, content that is accompanied by outstanding imagery receives on average 95% more views than plain text.

6. Quality imagery can also transform any e-mail marketing campaign into a much more effective strategy. Approximately 60% of Internet users say that they prefer to receive emails that are largely visual or image- focused.

7. In terms of being remembered by your site’s visitors, images are your best friends. While the average individual only remembers 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear, they tend to remember up to 80% of what they see.

8. Last but not least, research shows that web content and posts in general are on average at least 300% more likely to be shared and re-shared, if they included or are accompanied by high quality imagery.

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