How does PPC accelerate the SEO process?

PPC, ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising or ‘paid search’ is entirely separate from organic search – and yet the two often go hand in hand. This leads many business owners to ask: ‘How does PPC accelerate the SEO process – if at all?’ Here we explain why PPC is a valuable aspect of any online marketing strategy – and why it yields results in conjunction with your SEO strategies.

PPC raises awareness, thus driving traffic and promoting your site and company

When implemented properly, PPC significantly raises the profile of your brand, ensuring that it remains front of mind for consumers in your chosen market. This can only positively affect SEO, as customers are more and more aware of your product or service. Over time, the increase in traffic received and positive actions on your site (such as click-throughs, exploration and more) lets Google know that your site is popular and deserves a better ranking. Adding landing pages purely for PPC is another reason the discipline can help to boost SEO.

PPC and organic searches are separate – but brand building increases the authority

Volume of relevant traffic and engagement on a page helps Google to determine the authority of that page and your site using certain criteria. PPC actively drives traffic to pages that may then be able to earn backlinks and other signals that boost and support good SEO.

PPC enables you to introduce or even create new products, services and campaigns based on its results

In response to feedback and keyword searches, many businesses are able to introduce new products or pages that better suit the needs of their target audience. This is a lucrative strategy, as you’re using the results gained from PPC to discover new markets and become more and more targeted to each of their requirements. Meeting existing demand also represents a lower-risk methodology, especially where there is little or no competition. This perfectly complements organic search for the same products and services – as authority builds and pages earn better rankings as a result.

PPC offers valuable target audience insights that can be employed throughout your SEO strategy

As explained above, feedback can enable you to consider new landing pages, concepts, products and services and in turn make more money – but that’s not all PPC has to offer. The insights gained can have direct consequences for your SEO approach – perhaps highlighting new keywords, fresh perspectives or a different demographic. For this reason alone it’s absolutely worth having a PPC campaign running alongside SEO – as when properly executed the two feed into each other to maximise your ROI.

Successful PPC and SEO strategies need to be implemented by experienced professionals in order to produce results for your business. Speak to the search experts today to learn more about how our digital marketing agency in Stockport and responsive web design strategies can help your business turn a profit online.

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