PPC Marketing – Five Critical Mistakes to Avoid

AdWords campaigns can be every bit as rewarding as they are difficult to pull off successfully.

It’s the classic case of something of a finely-tuned machine where all manner of parts need to be both oiled and maintained to a pretty meticulous extent in order for the whole thing to do what it’s supposed to do. And also as with a machine, neglect or overlook even one of these parts and the whole thing screeches to a grinding halt.

Unsurprisingly therefore, it’s just as important to know what not to do for the sake of your PPC advertising strategy as it is to follow all the positive rules.

Here’s a few tips on what should help ease your PPC strategy along in the right direction.

1 – Insufficient Analysis.

Mistake number-one and perhaps the biggest mistake of all is that of insufficient analysis. For example, if you have one ad that earned 37 clicks and another that earned 20, chances are you’ll immediately place less value on the latter. Nevertheless, without carefully looking into conversion rates and various other metrics, you could end up siding with what’s little less than a false positive.

2 – No Specific Goal or Plan.

There’s no way of gauging the success or otherwise of your PPC marketing efforts unless you set in place realistic goals and have a measurable plan to work in accordance with. From brand exposure to leads to hard sales, you cannot expect to succeed if you don’t first decide what it is you want to succeed at doing. The implementation of your PPC strategy will vary enormously in accordance with your goals, so be sure to work out what it is that you really want.

3 – Lack of Targeting.

From language to device to location and so much more, it’s imperative that all available tools be used to ensure that PPC ads are targeted as specifically as possible. Every ad that reaches the wrong person effectively amounts to wasted time and efforts – hardly proactive when it’s never been easier to target things with considerably more focus.

4 – Linking to Landing Pages.

Oh dear…a killer mistake that’s guaranteed to cost you money. When a person clicks on your ad, you have to assume they’re already very much interested in a specific product or service as advertised As such, clicking the ad should take them directly to that exact product, service or offer on your site. If by contrast you just fire them over to your landing page and expect them to then go looking for what they want, they won’t…they’ll just leave.#

5 – Ignoring the Mobile Market.

Last but not least, research suggests that half of all web searches are now carried out by way of a mobile device. Suffice to say, this should drive home the importance of remembering not to overlook the mobile market when it comes to creating a PPC campaing. Quite simply if yours is not optimised for mobile – i.e. ensuring the ads redirect to mobile-friendly landing pages etc. – you are effectively turning your back on a potentially huge chunk of your intended target audience.

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