How to prepare for a PPC campaign

PPC can be a highly effective marketing method – but only if it is carried out by professionals, and accompanied by high-quality components (think website, social media presence and follow-up funnels).

Employing a reputable, reliable company to take care of your PPC campaign is important. But preparation and planning are equally crucial. In this blog, we share five simple yet effective ways you can ensure that your online presence is optimised and ready for PPC success.

Ensure that your site is ready to receive customers

For your investment in PPC marketing to deliver a return, you’ll need an appropriate landing page. Without one, you may find you’re paying for relevant clicks but fail to convert them, resulting in wasted money. To ensure a positive outcome you’ll need to consider user experience and the needs of your target market. Create a landing page that they cannot easily come away from – one that answers their questions and allays objections without being overwhelming. Refer back to the key term you’re paying for at all times, considering what users who click through want and need to see to make them stay – and spend.

Maximise user experience with flow and accessibility

It should be as easy as possible for a Google searcher to make a purchase on your site once they find it. Without a swift and simple user experience, it’s likely that fickle and impatient online consumers will go elsewhere. Make sure that the purchasing process (from the moment they arrive on your landing page to the checkout) is as smooth and seamless as possible – at every step of the way.

Don’t forget the small things

It’s easy to concentrate all your efforts and resources on the big, obvious stuff – the overall design of your site, the quality of your images, the shopping cart configuration. But online user experience can be greatly enhanced by the smallest things – positive parts of your offering that encourage them to come back and spend money with you again. These include detailed and professional product descriptions and multiple photo angles for e-commerce businesses, or links to helpful blog articles or associated services for those in professional or consultative industries. Before you start spending on PPC, check your website over with fresh eyes – or better still, ask someone outside of your business to do so for you. This way you’ll spot small improvements that could make a big difference to the performance of your PPC campaign.

Optimise all platforms

Your website is important – this is where click-throughs will be directed to. But don’t forget that supporting platforms like social media accounts and product placements on other sites will be influential. Buyers now check out companies not only ‘online’, but specifically on social networks, notably Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What will they see when they survey yours?

Keep customers hooked – even if they walk away

The mark of a good PPC campaign is the presence of multiple support measures that help you to remain front of mind for customers – whether they make an immediate purchase or not. These include email sign-ups and display advertising – encouraging your potential customer to become a productive one. Some PPC campaigns also incorporate alternative keywords – so you’ll come up top no matter how many times they search with different terms.

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