How To Prevent A High Bounce Rate.

If you own or are involved in a website, then one of the first things you should learn about are bounce rates.

In essence bounce rates refer to the potential number of people who leave your website no sooner than they have navigated to them. Obviously the higher the number of visitors immediately bouncing away from your website, the likelier it is that your potential sales may suffer.

There’s no direct correlation between a high bounce rate and potential income lost, but generally the conclusion must surely be that if visitors navigate away from your pages before examining the information or offers you have laid out for them, something isn’t working quite as you would like it to and you’re not exploiting all the potential that lies out there.

So what’s the best and most effective way to reduce the rate of bounce back and keep browsers interested in what you either have to say or offer?

Content is king:

The first step is en sure your website is both interesting and informative. Ensure that you have unique and varied content on your site. The simplest way of doing this is by using daily articles or blogs. If the information contained in these articles is useful and of a high quality, then visitors are less likely to want to look elsewhere. If you haven’t the time or inclination to write them yourself, then you can always pay someone else to do it. Remember though, not everyone is a fan of lots of text. Try varying the output and maybe use attractive and creative visual displays in video form to mix things up.


The strategic use of keywords can have a dramatic effect on the bounce back rates. Browsers generally search for specific terms and phrases, not broad generalities. The golden rule of SEO is that the placement of specific keywords is essential to getting the level of traffic you require. Make sure the keywords you use are precise and are targeted to your business or the service you are offering.

It’s impossible to completely eradicate bounce rates from websites as every visitor is different and each has their own specific expectations. None the less, if you are prepared to make some changes to your website and optimise it to ensure that bounce rates are kept to a minimum, then traffic levels should improve.

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