How to Make My Website More Profitable

By clicking onto this post you are admitting to yourself that maybe your all singing and dancing website does not have everything to be making good on its investment, and that is good because it is always good to want more profitable websites – as long as it works. 

How do you know what the best options and solutions are? We have provided a short breakdown of the ways to capture more leads through your website.

Mobile Friendly

The discussion over whether your website needs to be mobile-friendly is now over, and the answer is yes it does if you want any leads generated.

Mobile phones are now the number one device for internet use on the planet, with most people searching whilst on the move. Therefore, your customer base is who you need to be amending towards – otherwise, they will no longer be your customer base. Statistics show that over 70% of users will leave a website that is not mobile-friendly and look elsewhere. That is a key figure to your business growth.

You may have the best service around, but appearance is everything to a user on the internet. Part of lead generation is ensuring the customer can access your site from anywhere on any device without frustration. Sites that are not optimised not only are incredibly annoying, but they also are not ranking with search engines that favour responsive website design Stockport.

Show, Don’t Tell

Video content is the key to communication with users in today’s world. Most people will not take the time to fully read something, but everyone loves a good movie.

Video content on your website not only allows you to answer common questions and clarify anything that needs explaining – plus a video allows information to be understood more clearly for the first time. If you have a product or service that is hard to explain in writing, it can easily be understood with simple video content, and if they feel more informed, they feel more inclined to be a customer.

Freebies and Free Chat

People love the word ‘Free’, and in terms of your business, it does not cost anything to be more accommodating.

If someone is subscribing, why not offer them something simple like a discount coupon, or even provide a downloadable pdf of a catalogue or eBook. Enticing a new user to explore your business further does not have to cost you anything. Neither does communication.

Adding a live chat option provides something very valuable – the opportunity to stop a user from seeking an answer on someone else’s website. With a live chat, you can ask questions of visitors, provide clarity on anything confusing and collect information and contact details. Many users will not use a business phone number and call as it feels more time consuming, whereas having someone who can provide an answer straight away through a chat option is a much more appealing option.

For more profitable websites and information on Stockport website design, internet marketing Stockport and SEO Stockport, contact the team at Search and More today.

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