Promote Your Brand And Build Online Visibility With Off-Page Optimisation.

Anybody involved in internet marketing would naturally want to know what the easiest and most effective way of increasing online influence and building search engine rankings is.

It’s human nature after all: we all want to be the best we can be. The problem is there’s no easy or straightforward answer to that conundrum. Unfortunately you’ll hear different arguments from different people. Some experts will advise you to throw your advertising money at pay-per-click marketing, whilst others will tell you that the only sure-fire way of building web presence is to concentrate on on-page optimisation strategies. Both of these can be effective, but they can also be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately there are other simpler ways of building web presence. The simplest of which is building online visibility through off-page optimisation. Adopting such strategies will help you build authority, promote your brand and increase your online presence.

Here are 6 helpful tips to get the ball rolling.

Be Social.

There are countless social media platforms out there vying for attention. There’s a strong temptation to try your hand at every one. Unfortunately this just doesn’t work. All that will happen is that you’ll lose effectiveness by spreading your efforts too thinly. It’s much better to concentrate all your efforts on one or two platforms and really target them. Engage and interact with the community and share your articles and useful insights with others. If what you post is useful, you’ll get the credit you deserve.


Users visit online sites to gather information about the products and services on offer. It’s your job to provide this information. Anyone can do it; but to do it well is another matter entirely. There’s an old saying which states you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink: well that philosophy applies here too. You can put all your information on your website but you can’t make people read it or listen to what you’re saying. Therefore to stand any chance, you have to make your information useful and entertaining. To do that all you have to do is use your expertise and add a little imagination. If you can enlighten, inform and entertain at the same time, the chances are visitors will want to return, and will therefore link back to your site.

Guest blogging.

Writing guest articles for other blogs is a certain way to build useful and quality backlinks, as long as you’re careful which blogs you contribute to. You only want to link to relevant sites with kudos. If you’ll guest blog for anyone regardless of niche, then you’ll come unstuck with Google and the other search engines. It can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. It will bring some good exposure for you and benefit the website you write for: therefore everyone wins in the end. You get your in-bound link, they get a quality article.

Contribute to high quality sites.

Why? Because it’s worth it. Writing articles for niche sites within your market will get you noticed by the community and earn a big thumbs-up from the site you contribute to. They’ll link back to you, and others will probably be persuaded by their recommendation. If they recommend you, then users know you can be trusted.

Local listings.

This is often overlooked, but if you deal with a predominantly local market, then it makes sense to get local listings to target the audience you’re aiming at. Sign up to Google Places. If you do this properly, you’ll ultimately get a backlink to your website.

Share video content.

Submitting video content to top sites like YouTube can certainly pay dividends and deliver any number of in-bound links. However, you’ll have to do this correctly. When you submit the video make sure that you optimise the title, description and Meta tags. You’ll also need to write a description that creates a link pointing to your site which then promotes your videos. This is a great technique and can lead to phenomenal results, assuming the video’s worth watching.

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