Putting together a marketing strategy? 3 things you shouldn’t ignore

As businesses embark on conceiving digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness and exposure for the products and services they provide they tend to discover pitfalls and problems the hard way. Often marketing is an afterthought – so it can be stressful and daunting to consider how the task needs to be approached as a whole, along with the numerous smaller elements in between that make or break the image you project and promote publicly. In today’s blog, we share three key preparatory issues to address fully before starting a marketing campaign – ensuring your promotional activity gets off to a flying start on firm foundations.

Audience preference and needs

Everything starts with your audience. At Search and More we ensure that the emphasis is on your target market at all times, firmly placing them at the centre of any marketing activity. Why? Well these are the people you want to spend with you. Part with their cash. Take action – choose you over a competitor. Shouldn’t any activity designed to catch their attention be centred around their beliefs, likes, dislikes and needs? Before spending on marketing or starting a strategy, first determine who exactly you are selling to, and why.

The perfect platform

There are now over twenty popular social media channels for businesses to exploit – with around five to six ‘primary’ platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. Few companies have unlimited resources to spread thinly over each and every one of them – and this clearly wouldn’t be an effective or efficient approach. Instead, savvy businesses carefully select a number of outlets depending on where they’ll find their customers and channel energy and resources into them. It makes sense therefore to concentrate your energy on a select few that are going to perform powerfully for your business. Dig deeper and conduct some research to decide which platforms are worth spending the most time (and money) on. This involves checking out competitor brands and aligning your own customer profiles to get a feel for what works successfully for others in the same field as you, with digital marketing in Stockport.

Communication is key

Internet marketing is essentially a form of communication – but within its confines, there are many different ways in which to get your message across to customers and potential clients. This can make getting it right a rather complex affair. The best way to approach communication is to consider the various avenues through which you can reach out to your target audience, then maximise them with content specifically designed to encourage them to engage. The three principal communication methods are written content, video and visual media. Successful internet marketing strategists combine the trio in a targeted and focused manner, working out what works, how and why and employing techniques in line with specific goals and calls to action.

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