Question: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Website?

Website management is quite different to the normal idea of “management”.

WWW. Or the World Wide Web is a unique medium and management needs to be adapted.

It’s not sexy or glamorous, yet it is vital to keep your website visible, with user friendly design and content. The web and technology is moving fast and continually changing; therefore; you need to your ideas to stay flexible, the process is ongoing, and you need to continually monitor what is happening.

At Search and More we believe in getting your website design user friendly and getting it up and out there.

Managing your website is essential for its success, the web has changed everything and we need to bring new thinking and new strategies if we are going to succeed.

How do we believe we can do this? By becoming user focused and thinking of the role of the user.

This will inevitably:

  • Reduce costs: avoids building functionality that is not needed.
  • Increases effectiveness: increase customer satisfaction and therefore conversion rates.
  • Make sure the content is inclusive to users: avoid overloading with academic jargon make sure that the text and content on the home page are inviting.

So we need to think about what you need:

  • Prioritise your business objectives (who are your users), list of tasks.
  • Select what functionality and what content needs to be created.
  • Define the content for each task.
  • Build a site.

Having a single powered web site management company allows established and focused decision making regarding your site we have a specialised team with the right people. There is no end to the project; it can be added to and changed, Website management is an iterative development process.

Search and More can handle all technical aspects, hosting, bug-fixing, back-ups, disaster recovery.

We believe to have a successful website you simply need,

  • Strong local presence (google local google+).
  • Current up to date website (fresh content).
  • Google analytics.
  • Monitoring the continual change within the way the web works.

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