How to Ramp Up Your Email Marketing For Holiday Profits, Part 2.

Of the 54 million emails sent everyday, how many of them are out there making money for you?

C’mon, it’s the holiday season and people are shopping up a storm.

Your email campaigns should be out there encouraging customers and prospects to visit your site and buy. This can be hard as many consumers have developed a blindness to emails. Don’t be one of those whose emails get deleted without being opened. The following are some of our tips to craft emails that capture attention, deliver a high open rate and result in more sales.

Use Buttons As Calls To Action.

Use the theme of the season as a reason to have some fun with your email template. Use buttons in Christmas colours as the calls to action. Using images or buttons that are large, hard to miss and arrest their eyes.

Schedule Your Emails.

Depending on your target audience, you should schedule your email to reach recipients when they are most receptive. For B2B customers, it’s been proven that emails sent on Thursday between 11 am and 2 pm receive the highest number of click-throughs. For B2C customers, on any day other than Friday and Sunday, there is a high click through on email offers.

Mobile Responsive Design.

Remember most of us are glued to some screen for most of our waking hours. Your email design must be mobile responsive to render properly on tablets and smartphones. If your email doesn’t display properly on their device, with our short attention spans, you are likely to lose potential customers. Keep user experience in mind when you design your emails. Make it easy for them to reach your site and special offers.

Mix It Up.

Your intent is to get customers to connect with you and eventually buy, but your email sequence cannot contain only pitch emails. Some other emails to make sure you send include:

  1. Welcome Emails – Welcome new signups with these three killer elements; a personalised welcome email, include a call to action and a giveaway.
  2. Notification Emails – With the holiday rush and potential traffic disruptions, keep customers in the know with emails that tell them when to expect their deliveries.
  3. Cart Abandonment Emails – Some customers will start the buying process and abandon the cart. With cookie tracking, you can re-target these customers and offer them a discount to complete the purchase.
  4. Feedback Emails – Ask for feedback from your customers. This allows you improve your service and also create brand advocates.

Test, Test and Test.

You need to be on top of your email marketing campaign, to be able to optimise for better conversions. Deciding to use email marketing, establish a plan and goals. What is your benchmark for success? More sales? More enquiries?

Split-Test Everything.

Including subject lines, formats, link placement. Send multiple variations each time and track open rates and click-throughs. Also test how your emails appear on several devices, including mobile devices, browsers, different desktop resolutions.

Your tracking data will let you know the emails that bomb and the subscribers that don’t open your emails. Don’t be afraid to re-send newsletters. Your email may have been trapped by a spam filter or simply lost in the deluge of holiday marketing emails. You can change elements of the email and re-send to your subscribers.

Email marketing done right will increase your profits, this holiday season. Search and More create custom email campaigns for clients in diverse industries. The thing they have in common? Their campaigns work. Contact us today for a timely marketing audit.

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