How to Ramp Up Your Email Marketing For Holiday Profits.

Whether you sell physical goods or a service, the next three weeks are going to be some of the busiest you’ll have this year.

The holiday shopping frenzy that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t end til well into January. Getting your products in front of prospects and buyers is your number one priority for this season.

Social media is an ideal vehicle for connecting with prospects, building a trusted brand and handling customer care issues. With the human need for social validation, the Internet has allowed researching products before you buy relatively easy. Safe to say, if you offer a poor service, someone, somewhere will be telling people about it on a social media platform. But with the amount of social media options available, analysis paralysis and decision fatigue can quickly arise.

Email marketing, with it’s outstanding ROI, is also an effective medium for reaching out to customers and driving sales.

Yet it’s still one of the most under-utilised. Most marketers ignore this option, til just before Christmas. Then they start scrambling to blast out emails to both cold and warm prospects. Suffice to say, the amount of email blasts almost always equals the rate of unsubscribes. If you haven’t gotten your email marketing dialled in for the holidays, here are our top tips to make email marketing work for your business this festive season.

1. Ready? Go!

The ideal time to start your email marketing plan for the holiday season was two months ago, or even two weeks ago. The next best time is right NOW.

Start by connecting with your existing database of clients. Give them information about upcoming deals and offers. Use your emails to keep them in the loop in the run-up to Christmas.

2. Segment your customers.

Customers are at different stages in your sales cycle, sending untargeted emails is a sure way to lose subscribers.

  • Divide your list based on their purchase history, their brand choice, interests, engagement levels etc. Send them relevant emails only.
  • You can also consider creating a holiday focused mailing list. This helps to focus customer attention on your seasonal offers.

3. Content.

What should you send in your regular email newsletter? How many emails should you send per day? Should you buy a list from that other marketer? Slow down, in the midst of all the questions you may have, know that the most important element to focus on, is the subject line.

  • It needs to be catchy, but short and to the point.
  • It should contain holiday themed words e.g. sale, discount, offer; but go easy on words like Cyber Monday and Black Friday.
  • Ensure your op-tin form has a field for their first name. Sending an email blast with zero personalisation is considered ‘spammy’.
  • In the body of your email, ensure you use the subject line again. This reinforces what you promised them in the subject line.

With your subject line sorted, your content also needs to be stellar. Customers are going to be receiving too much info and too many offers for you to bore them with poor content. Your content must:

  • Contain photos, stock images or graphics that evoke the holiday spirit and enliven your content.
  • Teach them something. A go-to piece of content this season, is a holiday gift guide for those that don’t know what to buy. You can target different segments on your list with this type of content. You can also create a user guide and drip-feed it as a newsletter series.
  • Always include a clear call to action; a visit to your store or an offer to redeem a coupon.

Regardless of what your product or service is, get creative and put a holiday spin on offering it.

These are only three of our top tips for creating a holiday themed email marketing plan that will yield profits. Join us next week for another six tips to get the best value from your email marketing efforts.

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