Reasons you should be sending email newsletters to your customers

Are you missing out on a marketing opportunity?

The email newsletter. We’ve all received them. Sometimes we read them, sometimes we delete them straight away. But we don’t unsubscribe if the content is useful, valuable and tells us things we want to know about a brand or business.

If your business is not sending out a regular newsletter to your customers and prospects, it’s likely you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with them and build better relationships.

Why send out email newsletters?

We believe strongly in email newsletters and we encourage our clients to make good use of them. Here’s seven important reasons why.

1. Nurture your prospects and turn them into customers

A useful email newsletter remains a highly effective way to build a relationship with a prospect. By sending them useful content that highlights your offers and expertise, you can nurture them along the way to becoming a valued customer. They obviously like you enough to sign up for your marketing newsletter, so don’t abuse that with spam, or emails that aren’t of any value to them. The best thing you can do is move them along gently, sending them content that they will want to consume and that will genuinely help them. This kind of soft approach is easily achieved through a newsletter.

2. Stay top of mind with potentials clients and lapsed customers

When someone buys from you, they no longer walk out of the shop, never to be seen again. You can make that first purchase just the beginning of a fruitful relationship. Lots of future potential purchases lie ahead, as long as you can nurture the relationship and continue to demonstrate how you can help them. Email marketing newsletters allow you to maintain contact with existing clients and lapsed customers. Keeping you at the top of their minds when they have problems that you solve or products that they need.

3. Find Different Channels that work for Different People

Different customers, from different demographics, will prefer to be contacted in different ways. Some of your customers will always look to Twitter for your latest news, some will check your Facebook page, Instagram account or website. Others like to have information delivered to their inbox because email remains their primary choice for communicating with brands and businesses. The great thing about a newsletter is that it can be sent out via email and archived on your website with tweets and Facebook links pointing to it. In this way, the content you produce for your newsletter will meet everyone’s needs.

4. Benefit from Social Media Sharing

Social media has changed the landscape of marketing. People share things – primarily, content. People share content that they like and that is interesting and useful to them. Whether it is words, pictures and images, or videos, people enjoy passing on valuable content to others in their social networks. The beauty of a newsletter is that it can encompass all forms of content and is easily sharable. As long as what you send people is useful to them, they will want to share it, further promoting your great offering to more relevant people.

5. Enhance your SEO

Ranking highly in search for your unique offering is vital for any online marketing effort. SEO helps you get found by people who don’t yet know about you.  Every time you add content to your website, you are enriching it and boosting your SEO capability. By archiving your newsletter each time you send it, you are benefiting your SEO automatically.

6. Get direct feedback from your content

Use the right tools and you can easily see who is opening your newsletter, who is clicking on the links and who really doesn’t want to hear from you again. All this information is invaluable to your marketing efforts and can help you make the right decisions over who to contact and how to go about creating content that sells for you.

7. Repurpose your existing content

All your content has value, and the more uses you can get out of each piece, the more value it has. A newsletter can make great use of re-purposed content from your blog, whitepaper or Facebook commentary. Or it can provide content for all of those as well. The phrase, “write once, use repeatedly,” was made for email newsletters. It means you don’t spend all your time worrying about what to say next.

Email Newsletters work

The simple fact is that, as a marketing tool, newsletters work. We have seen it time and time again with our clients and with our own campaigns. Customers will engage with content if it is useful and relevant to them, which is why your business newsletter should still have a place in your online marketing strategy.

Need help with your email newsletter? We can help you to send out email newsletters to your clients quickly and efficiently. Talk to us internet marketers in Stockport about maximising your online exposure.

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