Reviews: Your Way To Fast Profits This Christmas.

Another week, another slew of adverts designed to tug at your heart strings and purse strings too.

Some critics say that they are over-the-top, some scoff in disgust. What happened to our Christmas spirit?

Research shows an increased lack of consumer confidence, higher food prices and energy bills, all point to less consumer spending this Christmas. Almost 30% of consumers expect to spend less this year compared to previous years. It’s not all gloom and doom, as the report also shows that just under half of us have already started buying and stockpiling presents. In 2013, the Christmas rush started a full three months before December.

But for small businesses that can’t afford to retain ad agencies for Christmas, how can you prepare your business for Christmas?

We polled local businesses, and found out how they plan to take advantage of the Christmas spirit while keeping within budget. With 34 days to go, there is limited time to get an intensive campaign running, set up a new website, hire temp staff. Here is a five point plan to use the power of reviews to sway that remaining 51% of shoppers.

1. Be Prepared.

Remember the 49% that are already buying their Christmas gifts? There is still 51% that are busy with life to go shopping. This can work in your favour as they will rely on reviews to choose their gifts, closer to Christmas. Now, you can look for ways to get reviews of your business and products on your site and in popular review communities.

2. Start Collecting Reviews.

If you struggle to collect reviews, use your shopping cart and email follow ups to ask consumers to leave a review. Sites like Feefo and Trustpilot, can integrate with your shopping cart to remind consumers to leave reviews.

3. Re-Visit Your Customers.

Your customers from 2013 are a goldmine to reach out to again this year. Email them with discount offers, while asking for a review. You can tell them how their reviews help your business. This is a win-win as you are building greater levels of engagement while encouraging them to come back and shop with you. Remember to keep all emails mobile-optimised, the amount of people doing Christmas shopping on mobile devices is growing every year.

4. Customer Care Saves The Day.

One ‘regular’ disaster at Christmas is poor delivery rates of all delivery companies. Due to stretched limits, overworked staff, traffic, elves forgetting to wrap the gifts (just kidding!); this happens every year. One way to save Christmas is to have top-notch customer service in place. By responding to as many emails and calls as you can as soon as possible, you can sway buyers. Excellent customer service can even sway prospects who have read bad reviews.

5. Get Into Creative Over-Drive.

At Christmas, it’s allowed to go a little nuts with promotions. Use your reviews on pages that your customers will see; home page, product description and checkout page. Show you’re in the Christmas mood, with themed landing pages, emails and even with printed materials. Increase the bandwidth of your site; it will be a shame for visitors to land and get a 404 error: no sales and an annoyed customer.

While these tips seem geared towards a more product oriented business, it can also be adapted to a service focused business. This Christmas, Search and More can help you create a themed campaign to attract customers and sales. Contact us today and let’s help Santa bring you more profits this year.

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