RIP: SEO Trends that are Dead and Buried

If you have spent any time online, you will know that digital technology is constantly changing. Things we used to do online differs significantly from what we do today. The same goes for trends in SEO. SEO is a flexible component that adapts with user needs. However, these changes are sometimes missed by small businesses, meaning their marketing tactics can fall behind. So, to help you avoid losing your audience, we explain a few SEO and website trends that are no longer worth anyone’s time.

“Click here!” linked buttons

A generic “click here” button is no longer enough. People want to learn more about the story behind the product, as well as reviews by other buyers before they make a decision. Therefore, a call to action is no longer as simple as sending people straight to the product. Make the purchase buttons clear and easy to find, of course, but give the user time to learn more about what you have to offer.

Buying Links

Link building is still a good thing, but the process of doing so has changed. Buying links is now a big no-no that is considered unethical and comes with serious repercussions when caught. Google now has a process in place that can determine when you are buying links and will make your website difficult to find. If you want to build your links, try things such as guest posting and blogger outreach.

Keyword stuffing

When SEO was first introduced, keyword stuffing was the go-to for being seen. You could write the words “chocolate cake recipe” over and over in a blog post, just to be found on page one. These days, however, it’s not so simple. Google ranks content by assessing not only the keywords you use but the relevance of the content in relation to the keyword search. This means if someone were to search “chocolate cake recipe” and you used the keywords without actually providing the desired recipe, Google will keep your page well hidden. Using the keyword too many times is also frowned upon. Try to not go above 3 per cent.

Fancy fonts

We understand that you may want your website to appear sophisticated or offer a sense of luxury. But what good is a fancy font if no one can read it? Your website should be informative and keep users interested, so an unreadable font will only be off-putting.

Cheesy stock imagery

While we understand that not everyone can afford to hire a photographer for their website images, the stock photos you choose can say a lot about your business. Websites such as 123rf sell such a wide range of imagery that you can sift through until you find the right image for your website.

Distracting web pages

There was once a time where an overly busy website was seen as a way to impress a visitor. However, developers failed to recognise that too much clutter can make a website confusing and distracting. Today, websites are more simplified and kept clean.

Do things right with the right digital agency

Whether your website is due an upgrade or you’re building a brand-new one, avoiding these outdated practices will help send you in the right direction. With a creative digital marketing agency, you can be sure that your website will be visually appealing and clearly demonstrates the services it can offer. Search and More are here to create, manage and optimise your online presence, bringing you the business you deserve.

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