Should you run your own pay-per-click campaign or get expert help

Making sure your business is visible in Google search is a primary marketing goal for many.

But getting there isn’t just about SEO. Many companies forget that a properly constructed pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can deliver great value, and great results.

And, more importantly, it can deliver top Google rankings immediately!


As a business dedicated to helping our clients market themselves online, at Search and More we know the value of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It’s a vital part of the marketing mix of any small business and something you should invest in – provided you have the right support from a digital agency who knows what they are doing.

But, SEO is a gradual process. Occasionally, SEO campaigns flourish overnight results and immediate business is forthcoming. But more often than not, it is through long term campaigns and a committed process that the best results as seen.

Sometimes businesses need to see results immediately and it’s here that PPC can be highly effective.

Do it yourself PPC?

With the proliferation of online, self-help blogs, ready to give you, “Five Tips for Perfect PPC Campaigns …” etc. it’s tempting for small business owners to have a go at PPC themselves.

But there are PPC agencies and experts for a reason! And our advice is always to use the experts when you can.

You might expect us to say this, as a digital marketing company, but we do so for very good reasons.

1. Google University exists for a reason

For most newcomers, keyword match types, bid adjustments, location extensions and site links, aren’t something you can learn overnight. Google’s goal is to make many of their products easy for users to use. But Google’s AdWords platform is not simple to get the hang of. You need to know which tools are relevant for your business, and how you can maximise their use.

Most good PPC agencies and experts have taken and passed Google’s Fundamentals Exam and an Advanced AdWords exam, hopefully with a high score. That means that they are Google AdWords accredited, like we are at Search and More.

2. Keywords can’t be guessed

You may have a very good idea of what your potential customers search for when looking for your products or services. But getting the keywords exactly right so that you don’t waste money on the PPC campaign, takes research, experience and an expert analytical approach. Most small business owners are experts at what they do, but don’t have the time to research the complexities of online marketing in the same detail as a Google accredited expert will.

Each of the keywords you believe your customers are using will also have variations for each one, and the different ways they could be interpreted. Getting the right match types and excluding any irrelevant keywords is vital.

An expert PPC agency will know how to do this, quickly and accurately. Freeing you up to do what you do best, run your business!

3. Access to a wider range of tools

Google AdWords isn’t the only tool out there. At Search and More we have access to a range of tools and techniques that can help create effective SEO and PPC campaigns.

The free tools offer a good basis, such as the AdWords Keyword Planner, but the paid ones we, and other expert agencies have access to can do a faster and more efficient job. Meaning your campaign can be set up more effectively from day one.

4. Google changes things regularly, every year

The Google algorithm is constantly evolving. Evolving your campaign in line with Google’s changes is vital in staying ahead of your competitors. But keeping up to date can be a full-time occupation in itself (we spend quite a lot of time researching and keeping up to date with the latest evolutions.) Adapting a PPC campaign effectively to take major changes into account is time-consuming, for the uninitiated.

PPC requires time and attention, both on set up and on an ongoing basis, to keep a campaign as cost-effective as possible.

5. Effective measurement can help to deliver the right users

The simplest metrics to measure are impressions and clicks, but on their own, these won’t tell you whether your campaign is relevant and whether users are actually spending time on your site and converting.

PPC is great at increasing traffic to your site, but you can waste large chunks of your budget on bringing in users who have no interest in staying there, let alone buying anything from you.

PPC experts use analytical tools and spend time compiling data from various sources to deliver the right results and to work out whether a PPC campaign is delivering the bestresults online. Remember – it is in their interest to deliver users onto your site who are going to convert.

6. Expect expertise only from experts

Many people are skilled in a variety of areas, and plenty of people have transferable skills. But few people are experts in many different fields.

Unless you’re superhuman, it is unreasonable to expect you to be an expert in all areas of marketing. If you need a website redesign or a logo rebranding you would employ a graphic designer or web design agency to deliver the best possible results for you.

The same goes for PPC. Marketing is a very broad field, and there will always be a need for outsourcing to experts.

The experts are here to help

It’s easy to get confused by PPC and then miss out on a golden opportunity to drive your business forwards. A reputable digital marketing agency can help you make the most of paid campaigns and deliver you successful results, month on month.

Talk to us at Search and More about developing a successful PPC campaign today.

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