The Secret To Great Content Marketing Is Not To Have Secrets.

What’s the secret to great content marketing?

Well, you need to produce content that interests your readers and resonates with them, that much is understood. Yet truly great content needs more than this. The very best content is sharable. There’s absolutely no point sweating over creating fabulous content if the widest possible audience never gets to see it. The more people that view your content, then the greater the impact it will make and the better it will be for your business.  Content sharing creates a snowball effect: the more you share, the more likes you’re likely to get on Facebook, the more followers you’ll amass on Twitter and the more traffic will visit your blog and website.

It really is a win-win situation.

So every small and medium enterprise should ensure that they make content sharing a priority. Therefore it’s essential that every blog and website page, video, product offer, photo, email newsletter and special offer landing page is as easy to share as possible. Secrets might be acceptable in your private lives, but they are off the menu in business. If you’ve got a great idea or industry expertise, then share it with your audience.

So what are the best widgets and plug-ins for content sharing?

  • ShareThis :

This widget will let you share your blog or web page on all the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can even share by email, without leaving your webpage. You can also customise the widget, and make it look the way you want. You can even add a counter so that you can see who has shared and read your content which is a great analytics tool. ShareThis will let you choose and customise the layout in either landscape or portrait format to suit your page.

  • Sexy bookmarks by Shareaholic:

This plug-in works for all the major blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, bbPress and Drupal. The plug-in lets you add a row of social bookmarks at the bottom of your blog posts. It’s simple to use and lets you choose from over 85 different social networking sites. You can also customise the “tag line”. Like ShareThis, there is a counter next to each icon so you can view how many times your blog has been shared by readers.

  • Buttons for email newsletters:

If you are using an Email Service Provider they should all have social media sharing buttons    and ‘tweet this’ buttons that can be easily integrated into your email template. You should also be able to ‘forward to a friend’. If your ESP doesn’t have this social facility, you can go to any AddToAny website that offers email sharing, and get yourself a ‘share/bookmark’ widget.

  • Facebook likes:

If you have product pages, then it’s important that you always add the Facebook ‘Like’ button if you want to increase engagement. If you click on these like buttons as a customer, then your friends and contacts will automatically see this on your profile.

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