A Selection of Stunning Stats, Fresh From the Easter Period

It’s been a while since we shared a fresh set of stats from the world of internet marketing in Stockport…so what better time than now?

What follows is a brief roundup of just a few of the most interesting and important facts and figures we’ve come across over the Easter period, giving just a small indication of what’s going on out there right now:

28% of marketers still feel unprepared for the GDPR

First up, there’s little more than a year to go before GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gets started, yet nearly a third of marketers still feel they’re nowhere near prepared for it. Worse still, any number on the smaller end of the business spectrum don’t even know what it is! Now’s the time to start taking GDPR very seriously, if you haven’t already.

Most marketing graduates have no knowledge of affiliate strategies

According to the results of a new study published by Affilinet, marketing students looking to start and build careers for themselves generally have little to no knowledge whatsoever of affiliate strategies. Little over 40% said that their education had included modules based on or around affiliate marketing, though closer to 70% stated that the information they received was unhelpful or outdated.

Mobile drives digital spending beyond £10 billion

A separate study carried out by IAB and PwC found that has increased more than 17% in 2016, digital advertising grew at the fastest rate in almost a decade, hitting a total of £10.3 billion. And of course, such spectacular growth has been credited largely to mobile – the mobile video, in particular, has become the fastest-growing of all ad formats, accounting for 29% of the total growth noted.

13% of employees are able to name their company CMO

Perhaps more interesting than essentially relevant in some instances, a study carried out by eShare found that a spectacularly minimal proportion of employees knew who the CMO of the company was. In addition, just 8% could name the chairperson of the company.

66% of beauty shoppers use Instagram for inspiration

If you’re looking to inspire beauty shoppers, it seems that marketing on Instagram really is where it’s at. The latest Mobile Makeover Report found that social media represents an instinctive go to for at least 66 per cent of beauty shoppers, while an impressive 70% likewise use social media to find tutorials and helpful guides.

41% of UK shoppers are happy to spend more on Easter

In terms of spending power and willingness, the results of a survey carried out by Savvy indicate that close to half of the UK population is willing to spend more money than normal if it means making the Easter weekend a more enjoyable occasion.

Consumers see Snapchat as a passing trend

Interestingly, consumers do not seem to be quite won over by Snapchat as a brand communication platform as some companies might think. In fact, evidence suggests that less than 15% of consumers firmly believe that Snapchat will even exist 10 years from now.

Supermarket promotions fall to 11-year low

Last but not least, the latest roundup of figures from Nielsen suggest that supermarket promotions in the United Kingdom have hit an 11-year low.  During March, little more than 25% of total consumer spending went on multi-buy offers and temporary discounts. Which would seem to suggest that consumers are increasingly setting their sights on permanent low prices and value for money, rather than simple periodic specials.

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