SEM And The Role Of PPC And CPC Advertising -Is It Financially Viable?

Whether you’re trying to establish a new business, or are looking to expand your existing one, the internet offers a world of unlimited possibilities.

However, not every cloud has a silver lining – sometimes you only find the cloud because someone else has already taken all the silver before you got there.

As a multitude of businesses compete to sell their products and services to the same market that you might wish to target, how do you stand out from he crowd and ensure that your website is the one that customers turn too? The answer is to build a presence online and build on it by advertising. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help businesses achieve this. SEM is a way to promote a website or on line store by increasing its visibility in the search engine results pages.

One of the most popular methods used within the virtual world of the search engine is the marketing tool called Pay Per Click (PPC) – also known as Cost Per Click (CPC). Essentially what happens is that each time a user clicks on your advertisement on the search engine and is redirected to your website, the advertiser then pays the host a fee. The Pay per click model is highly effective and can lead to an increased visibility on the internet. Some pay per click providers have links with other search engines, so there is a possibility that your website could be listed on more than just the one search engine. However, its success is wholly dependent firstly on whether you manage to attract the target audience you require and secondly on whether this increase in online traffic leads to increased revenue for your company.

The success of using Search Engine Marketing and PPC advertising lies predominantly in the choice of keywords used.

If the key words chosen are too generic, then businesses are unlikely to attract the right sort of customer and those that do visit are less likely to purchase your goods and services. If the key word chosen is the correct one and attracts the user that you would prefer, then the success or failure of the advertising may well lie with the quality of the product on offer.

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