SEO and front-end Developers: A Match made in Heaven

SEO and web development are usually seen as incompatible as iOS and Android devices. Though both have similar goals to one another, their approaches greatly differ. However, progress in technology has made way for a change. These two different web specialities are now the closest they have ever been. So close, in fact, that SEO and front-end developers could be considered a match made in marketing heaven.

Reasons why SEO and Front-end developers are Perfect for each other

Here are just a few reasons explaining why SEO and front-end developers are now seen as a match made in heaven…

Coding Knowledge is a Future-proof Asset for SEOs

Even looking past SEO, the demand for coding skills is on the rise. According to Evan’s Data Corporation, the number of developers will globally increase by at least 20 per cent in the next 5 years. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, imagine 4 million developer positions becoming available in that timespan. SEOs have much to gain from learning the basics of THML, CSS and JavaScript. As depicted by Ian Laurie, a basic understanding of front-end coding comes with many benefits.

For one, SEOs benefit from understanding how a coder’s mind works. This is an extremely valuable and transferable skill. It can also offer a better understanding of APIs. Finally, the coder’s mindset gives a better idea of what can realistically be done to fix technical issues. This will help with making more sensible and feasible responsive website design recommendations.

Hybrid Roles on the Rise

Over the years we have seen a rise in technical SEO roles. This includes a basic understanding of front-end languages. This is because static HTML websites are a past memory. Now, the focus is on creating interactive, responsive websites that perform well on many devices. With most visitors visiting websites via mobile, page load speed has never been so important.

The new trend of progressive web apps is getting more popular too. These enhancements can be achieved with a deeper understanding of front-end languages. This is why we are seeing a growth in the demand for technical roles.

Machine learning is another big topic. It allows companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple to better respond to searches and predict new behaviours. Python is key in building machine learning applications. It has become the fastest-growing programming language, making it a necessary learning step for both SEOs and developers.

Collaborative Environments get the Work Done Faster

Setting up collaborative environments and re-thinking internal project management through agile working could also help speed up the project process. Through reorganisation, we can break down complicated projects into small chunks. This provides the invaluable benefit of a continuous feedback loop which offers an extremely helpful method of ensuring that each goal is reached on time and according to the end-users needs.

SEO can also be seen as an umbrella function, meaning we can easily see why big organisations are setting up collaborative environments where SEO are viewed as a product function as opposed to a speciality.

Talk to Search and More

With such website developments coming into play every single day, it’s no wonder that many business owners turn to a digital creative agency to take the reins for their website. At Search and More, we can assist with many elements of your company responsive website design and SEO, to ensure that you get the business you need. To find out more, get in touch.

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