SEO: How Back To Basics Brings Future Readiness.

When SEO first emerged as a concept just a few short years ago, it was a simple and purely optional marketing tool you could take or leave as you wished.

Fast forward to 2015 and it’s nothing less than an intricate mine-laden labyrinth that’s confusing and confounding even for the best in the business. Just as soon as you start doing what you’re told is right, you’re then told it’s wrong. It’s a never ending battle most are all too familiar with.

And that’s why, now more than ever, it’s important to understand the value of true back to basics SEO.

It can in fact be the most future-ready SEO of all. Stray too far from the basics and you’re heading into uncharted territory, but come back to what you know and it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

Content – The Be All and End All.

With amazing content, any site can sing. By contrast, an otherwise wonderful website with poor content will suffer, flounder and fail. While it may be true to say that Google has taken a heavier hand to poor content than ever before as of late, the standard rules as to what makes for good content haven’t changed at all since 2011 – there’s really no excuse for still getting it wrong in 2015! And it’s not as if it’s difficult to comprehend either – quality content means relevance, accuracy, flawless presentation and abundance. That’s really all there is to it.

Link – Still Crucial.

Reckon links have had their day? Not even close – they’re alive, kicking and just as crucial as they ever were. The only difference in 2015 is that you cannot and will not get away with low quality or spammy links of any kind. You’ll be rewarded in a big way for quality links from great sources, but make the mistake of trying to force unnatural links and, well, you’re toast. It’s the same story again too, as the rules on what makes for quality links haven’t changed for years. The only thing that has changed is that now you can’t get away with breaking the rules, which of course you shouldn’t be doing anyway!

Local – Live it, Love it.

Still on the subject of simplification and focusing on the basics, successful SEO in 2015 often means forgetting about conquering the world and making the most of your own locality. Local SEO is big, big, big right now for the simple reason that more people than ever before are carrying out targeted searches and those coming from mobile devices. They don’t just want to know about a product or service, they want to know where the closest place they can get it from is.

Keywords – Move With the Times.

Last but not least, of course keywords are still crucial for folk to find you, but they’ve evolved in a big way and it’s important that you do the same. For example, fill a site these days with the word ‘Shoes’ a thousand times over and you’re in for a big disappointment. By contrast, target longer keywords like ‘Specialist shoes in Belsize Park’ for example and you’re more likely to strike a chord with both buyers and the powers-that-be at Google.

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