SEO Changes to look out for in 2019

Each time we move into a new year, we use it as a time to welcome changes and developments in our lives. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware that when it comes to your company website, you need to keep up with changes around you. With so many trends and developments in consumer activity, there is a lot to update if you want to stay on top of your game in 2019. Here, we break down three things to be aware of.

Keep Reviews up to Date

When it comes to your reviews, staying fresh is of high importance. As we have previously mentioned, many online users claim to only look at reviews of local businesses written in the past two weeks. What’s more, 85 per cent of users say that any reviews older than 3 months old are no longer relevant. This is according to the 2018 edition of the Local Consumer Reviews Survey by BrightLocal.

90 per cent of consumers now ready review. The findings from the survey show incremental, increasing reliance on reviews and greater sophistication among users. However, there is proof of caution and even some doubt among those who rely on reviews. They are also more demanding and have higher expectations than they used to. Of course, the age difference between users does play a role here.

Organic Search is Key to Understanding Customer Experience

Speaking of demands, consumers are no longer simply looking for a product or service that meet their needs. Now, they are using search to learn everything they can about the kinds of experiences they can create. For example, searches for “wait times” have grown by 120 per cent in 2017! Searchers are now asking about when a business is open, how to get there, what it looks like inside and out, what people think of the service and much more.

With this increase in internet usage and constant connectivity brings endless opportunities for marketers to reach out to consumers, in more ways than ever before. Searcher intend has completely changed how we approach marketing. No consumer journey is the same as someone else’s. In a recent analysis by Google, Google discovered the following:

  • Consumers narrow and broaden their consideration set in unique and unpredictable moments
  • Some consumers perform a deep dig into the brands they intend to buy from before they make a purchase. They look into every available aspect of any a competitors’ online presence to find one that has the competitive edge across platforms.
  • Searches may continue beyond the purchase, as consumers seek to make the most out of their experience with a service or product.
  • Searchers have become deeply focused on detail. Each fact they discover generated new opportunities for brands to engage.

Google is Rolling out more Features for Responsive Search Ads

Google continues to roll out its responsive search ads (RSA) and add new features. These ads dynamically serve a combination of headlines and descriptions. Google aims to spend the next few months rolling out four reporting and feedback tools for RSAs.

In upcoming months, we should expect to see suggested headlines and descriptions when creating new responsive ads. This will roll out in English but will soon introduce other languages as time goes by. In another effort to make it easier to create RSAs in the interface, Google will begin to import headlines and descriptions from existing text ads in the same ad group. Finally, the strength of the ad dial now updates in real-time. You will be able to see ad strength updates in the Status column in the UI to see if your ads are disapproved or if you are losing out on impressions.

As more features come about online, it becomes clearer that RSAs are not leaving us anytime soon. Google is continuing to invest in the format and all of these tools and indicators are designed to get advertisers to adopt it. As with the original shift to expanded text ads, moving early will allow you to see the best results over time by getting more experimentation under your belt.

Stay Ahead with Search and More

With so much to be aware of for the year ahead, it can be quite overwhelming to take everything on board. Luckily, having a creative digital marketing agency by your side can certainly make things easier. Search and More is here to ensure that your SEO and online marketing is up to date and stands out. To learn more about our services, get in touch.

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