The most important SEO Trends of 2020 that you need to follow

Each year calls for a new set of trends to be followed, no matter the industry. This applies to SEO, but with so many websites giving different ideas on what to look out for, how do you know what to prioritise? At Search and More, we want to make sure you make the smartest changes when it comes to your website. With this in mind, here are the most important SEO trends 2020 that you need to follow!

Important SEO trends of 2020: an overview

Here are the five main areas of focus when it comes to SEO trends 2020:

  • Secure your website
  • Utilise snippets
  • Implement video
  • Focus on quality
  • UX optimisation

Secure your website

Keeping your website visitors safe is something that should never go out of fashion. It may not seem like it has anything to do with SEO, but as it plays a crucial role in user experience, it does factor in. If a user does not feel safe visiting your website, there is a good chance they will no longer pursue their visit. This is particularly the case if they are presented with a “Not Secure” warning before they can enter your website. As a result, unsafe links lead to high bounce rates that can affect the position of that page’s organic ranking.


Google has changed dramatically over the years with the aim of bringing their users a better experience. One of these changes is the introduction of featured snippets. These will usually make themselves present above the top organic result and are referred to as “position 0”.

Take advantage of this feature by providing clear answers to commonly asked questions that are relevant to your business and place them on your website. Featured snippets are assessed and brought to the top of search results when Google finds their quality to be satisfactory. So, if you want people to find your website, use snippets to give it a boost in SERPs, one of the big SEO trends 2020!


Online videos are only increasing in popularity. According to studies from Google and other organisations, 60 per cent of people prefer to watch online video content than they do television. With YouTube being the primary source for free video content, it’s worth considering for your business.

The reason behind its popularity is that users often find it easier to process information if it is in video format, whether it be to educate or entertain. This is why adding online video content to your website should be heavily considered.

Quality over quantity

Online advertisement still works for driving business. However, we have seen the prices rise over the years and this isn’t expected to stop any time soon. What’s more, you cannot guarantee that all users will respond to your ads. So what can you do to make sure users genuinely want to engage with your website?

Content plays a crucial role in keeping your website up to date, but there’s more to it than a new blog post each week. Instead of hashing out as much as you possibly can in hopes of gaining recognition, focus on the quality of what you want to put out there. Create informative, relevant and easy to digest pieces of content that users will acknowledge.

UX optimisation

A website that cannot perform well on mobile has a good chance of losing website visitors. This has been the way for a while and it’s something that will continue to occur if you don’t update your website to be mobile-friendly! What’s more, it must be easy to read and navigate, grab people’s attention and provide them with the same insight they would get via desktop search.

Outsource your SEO

Of course, we understand the time and effort that is required to make your website perform well and bring in business. This is why it’s never a bad idea to consider outsourcing your SEO. This is where Search and More come in. If you would like to learn more about how our internet marketing services can benefit your business, get in touch.

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