Will An SEO-Rich Brand Name Make Reaching The Top Of The Search Engine Results Pages Easier?

The aim of any online business is to make the maximum impact and reach the highest pages of search engines like Google.

Inevitably, the higher a business can rank, the more likely it is to attract a greater amount of traffic. Now there are a variety of ways in which a business can improve its page ranking: it could choose to go down the social media route, or it might rely heavily on blogging or content marketing. For larger businesses where money is not an issue there’s always the option of AdWords. For most SMEs, however, this will probably not be an option, particularly in the middle of a recession.

So, what are the best options available for smaller businesses?

How can they build up long-term, consistent traffic and forge their way to the top of the SERPs? Well, it’s probably fair to say that the best option available for these businesses is SEO. Optimisation holds the key to better search engine ranking. But optimisation is wholly dependent on relevant keywords that have impact. So SMEs will need to focus on these critical keywords and do some serious research. Names, slogans and mission statements have their place, but keywords are critical. The reason for this is simple: keyword-rich names and domains are able to better compete in SERPs.

Should SMEs choose SEO keyword-rich names or conventional brand names?

If you’re just creating an online business, which of these do you think will bring the best long-term benefits for your new company? A brandable name will no doubt stick in the memory, but a keyword-rich one will communicate the nature and spirit of the business itself. Building a brand name can be difficult at the best of times, but it can a lot more difficult if the brand itself has no inherent SEO value. If a business can develop an SEO-rich brand name, then it will make the journey to the top of the SERPs a lot quicker and smoother.

SEO name choices and keyword research

Before you think of a name for your new enterprise, it’s worth spending some time doing a little keyword research. Obviously you’ll need to have a clear idea what the site is going to be offering in the longer term, but this should only guide your choice of keywords. Don’t just limit your SEO to site names either. SEO should be carried through to your site tagline too. For example you could choose the tag line ‘the internet marketing strategist’ or alternatively go for ‘online marketing strategist’. Both make sense to readers and give a clear idea of the service you’re offering: the difference is ‘online marketing strategist’ will attract considerably more organic searches each month whilst retaining that competitive edge.

Are keyword-rich names the most effective?

Without wishing to labour the point too much, the answer to that question has to be yes. If you want proof of that then just try searching the internet and you’ll be surprised by the number of smaller businesses who make it to the top of the rankings. Size doesn’t necessarily matter for search engine ranking: popularity is more important, and that’s wholly dependent on careful keyword research.

Will great keywords guarantee success?

Not in isolation they won’t, but they’ll certainly help to get a business noticed. Getting a foot on the ladder is one thing, but keeping it there is another and climbing up the rungs is the tricky part. To get a consistent level of organic growth, a business will have to put the work in by marketing itself on social media channels and providing quality content that’s relevant to its users. In all of this, however, there is one point that shouldn’t be overlooked: whatever product or service a business offers needs to be good and tick all the boxes, otherwise it is never going to make any headway. Consumers will only buy quality at the end of the day: the days of pile it high and sell it cheap are definitely numbered, even in a recession. People may well want value, but there’s a limit to how far they’ll be prepared to compromise their standards.

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