How To Set Up Google Authorship.

It’s not the when, but the how that’s important now with Google +.

I was dipping in and out of the social a lot the past couple of weeks and it struck me, that I’m constantly learning something new.

I was sharing some content with my circles and realised that I could be connecting a whole lot more if I only tagged people who created or originally shared the content with me. I don’t always do this, but it doesn’t make sure that they see your post and is more likely to lead to interaction. People get notified of this if they have their notifications on.

Sign My Name.

Now I’m one of those people who likes others to see their content. Honestly, I’m normally pretty confident that someone would like it. Otherwise I wouldn’t publish it. So any way I can get myself in front of them alongside that content makes sense to me. So I started testing out Google Authorship. The aim was to get my photo next to articles in the google search. Verified content creators can now have a headshot and byline displayed alongside their links in the search results. I think it offers a more personable face. If the searcher clicks on your picture in the search results they are taken to your Google+ profile. Your name and current Google+ follower count is also displayed alongside the search result, which makes me look more credible as time goes on.

And then there are the facts… one study on the impact of rich snippets on traffic suggests the number of clicks increased by 150% once the rich snippet was added.

How To.

It’s all possible through the magic of Google authorship markup and the rel=author tag.

Here’s how I did it:.

Verify Your Email address on Google +: Use an email address with the same domain as the domain of your blog. As long as you’re posting on that domain, and the posts have the same byline as the name on your G+ account, this is enough to make the connection.

Link To the Host Blog: Go to the “About” page of your Google+ profile, and find where to add “Contributor to” links. If you have a bio page on your blog, link to this bio. If you don’t have a bio page, link directly to the post itself.

Link from the Blog to your Google + Profile: If you look at the byline or author box at the bottom of your post, you can click ad link to your Google+ profile, adding “rel=author” in the link. If you have a bio page on your site, link to the bio with “rel=me” in the link. If you don’t have a bio page on your site link directly to your Google+ profile with “rel=author” in the link.

Search and Social.

Now I can connect all the content I publish anywhere, and people will see my profile picture smiling alongside.

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