Take The Shackles When Blogging For Business, But Remember To Keep The Content Targeted.

With such a great emphasis now placed on social networking, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the days of business blogging are numbered.

However, internet marketing is a broad church in which there’s undoubtedly room for everyone and everything. The purpose behind content marketing is to get your message across to both existing and potential customers: it doesn’t really matter whether that’s the company philosophy, mission, strategies or simply advertising your products and services. Social networking can be integrated seamlessly into the overall marketing mix, but unfortunately some of the platforms like Twitter won’t give businesses the same sort of leeway as a blog, given the limited number of characters that can be used in any one tweet. Blogging has significant benefits in terms of search engine optimisation.

Each time you create a new blog that is optimised for specific keywords, the search engines will index it.

Over time this will lead to organic growth which social networks will struggle to match. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this won’t happen overnight: blogging is a craft that needs to be worked at and perfected. But that shouldn’t put businesses off blogging: nothing worthwhile is generally achieved without a little effort. So, if you’re short of inspiration, and are struggling to think of ideas to make your business blogs interesting and relevant to your target audience, then hopefully these few pointers will help you on the road to success.

Remember to prioritise your blog.

All blogs are not the same. Everyday blogs have their place and serve a need, but business blogs are targeted and need to be written on a regular basis. Your blogs are there to enhance your overall marketing strategy: that’s why it’s important for businesses to prioritise these blogs and make sure that they are shared on a regular basis with the target audience.  Audiences get used to routines, and will therefore expect your content regularly, whether you provide it daily, weekly or every fortnight.  The job of the business blogger is to meet the audience’s expectations.

Make sure your blogs are relevant.

It’s tempting to go off on a tangent every now and then, particularly if you’re struggling for inspiration. However, even though there’s nothing wrong with occasionally varying the content, it’s important to remember that the blogs are written for your audience, not for you: therefore they need to be relevant to your niche sector. As entertaining as it might be to write about a disastrous visit to the theatre, or a particularly enjoyable weekend vacation, if you manufacture textiles for industry, then stick to the topic in hand. Remember that business blogs are keyword specific. Sticking with these will deliver what your audience expects and will be readily indexed by the search engines.

Don’t be afraid to promote your work.

If you’ve spent a painstaking hour crafting what you consider to be a good blog, then make sure you go on to promote it. It’s not about showing off: it’s simply about getting your message across to the widest possible audience. Promote your blogs through social networks, and submit them as guest posts to your industry sector. Hopefully these posts will, agree to link back to you in return, which will only enhance your search engine credibility.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, then ask your team for new and fresh ideas.

The hardest part about blogging is providing the content. Unfortunately, on occasions the ideas dry up, and like everybody else you’ll struggle for inspiration at times. Content can be difficult to produce, particularly if you’re dealing with a niche market or product. Sometimes bloggers can get themselves into a state about this, and over-think the matter. All this does is lead to state of inertia where nothing gets achieved. Rather than be restrictive, it pays dividends to let your mind wonder from time to time, and see what ideas you can come up. Blogging doesn’t need to be prescriptive: anything goes, in a sense, as long as it remains relevant. So let the creative juices flow and write down the ideas. You can always ignore the ones that are too oblique and tangential at a later stage.

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