Sharing your business and getting noticed

In this blog we discuss why sharing your business online should be part of every business’ marketing strategy – and how you can implement a number of clever promotional techniques to see augmented visitor numbers, better engagement and quality conversions.

Social Media

Social media rapidly shares your message (whether you’re promoting a new product or sharing a news story) with the world – increasing the likelihood that you’ll be chosen over a competitor. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect with your ideal client – but it does require consideration and careful planning if it’s going to be used in an effective manner.


If getting social media right feels challenging, blogs are an excellent place to start, as blog links can easily be posted out to all social media networks. These articles can be manipulated and carefully crafted to entice your audience to explore your brand further – once on your site, they are then attracted to your business as a whole, or a particular product or service you offer. Perhaps they’re intrigued about what you do and how you do it – or simply want to find out more. All of the above is more likely to result in a positive enquiry.

Online Advertising

Although it’s paid for and doesn’t produce ‘organic’ results per search, online advertising can’t be discounted as one of the main drivers behind many consumers’ buying decisions. This is partly down to the clever use of cookies, which enable large companies to view and remember the products, services and websites users visit. This means that when you look at that camera a few times or go to book a holiday but don’t complete the sale, you’re likely to see adverts for that popping up on every site you visit which facilitates advertising. The power of this can’t be underestimated, as although it can sometimes be irritating, often this constant ‘memory jogging’ reminds and propels the user into finishing that sale.

Sponsored blogs and link-ups

Prominent bloggers and vloggers can have audiences of millions. This gives them serious sway when it comes to the brands and products they promote – which is why many of them make a living simply from advertising both through Google and directly through requests from brands eager to be associated with them. Whilst an international superstar blogger may not be appropriate (or affordable for you, there are some closer to home based in the UK who specifically. Think of an endorsement from them (either in the form of a blog article or video) as an advertorial placed in a magazine targeted at your audience.

Want to learn more about a multi-faceted online marketing approach tailored to your business? Take a look at our Services page here.

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