Shouldn’t Your Internet Marketing Be Targeting Your Local Market? – Part One.

There’s a natural assumption for any small business that if you want to grow, you have to think big.

It’s perfectly understandable as most advice would tend to suggest that internet marketing works best on a national level: the philosophy being the larger the audience, the more likely you are to attract new business. Yet, it’s arguable that what your business should be doing is targeting your resources at a more ‘local’ level. Generic online marketing has its place and value, but, let’s face it, if you’re based in Manchester, wouldn’t it make more sense to localise your website’s content and focus your search engine marketing strategies on the area with which you’re most familiar?


Local Internet Marketing

‘Local’ internet marketing isn’t new: it’s been around forever. However, the phenomenal growth of daily-deal sites like Groupon and Living Social clearly demonstrates that there is both a demand and an appetite for local content. These companies have thrived by offering local deals and specials based on post codes. Obviously they both operate in a specialised market place, but there’s absolutely no reason why your business shouldn’t take a leaf out of their books and provide products, services and support for your local area.

So what are the advantages of embracing this local market?

Concentrating your internet marketing on the local area will inevitably lead to more targeted visits and will also generate additional calls and more likely website prospects. It makes perfect sense when you think about it objectively. When any potential customer searches for products and services, they tend to concentrate those searches in and around their own locality. Imagine if you lived in Manchester and were looking for a plumbers’ merchant – would you search for businesses based in Birmingham? Of course not, you’d opt for what was most convenient for you. Having said that, simply being on the spot won’t guarantee that the business will automatically come your way: price, availability and service levels will ultimately determine that, but it does give your business a distinct advantage. As a local supplier of products and services, you know what’s relevant and you have an intrinsic understanding of what your local market wants.

Whether you’re a larger company looking to diversify and shed the ‘big boy’ image, or a local business looking to take advantage of your unique insight into regional trends and preferences, there’s a compelling argument to localise your website content.

(Part two will look local area seo optimisation techniques.)

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