Simple No-Cost Tips For Building Search Engine Rankings.

How do you build your businesses’ search engine rankings without breaking the bank?

You might believe the only way you’re ever likely to do this is by spending a small fortune on pay per click advertising or by employing the services of an seo specialist. Obviously both of these services will work if targeted at the right core sector of your market, but there are other, more affordable ways of doing it yourself.

What follows are a few simple search engine marketing tips and strategies that will hopefully increase the number of visitors to your website or blog and will improve your visibility, rankings and profile on the search engines.

Link building

Blogging, article marketing and syndication.

The fundamental purpose of search engine marketing is to increase the ranking of a business on the search engines. Statistically the higher a business ranks, the more likely it is to attract visitors. By far the simplest and most effective way of increasing search engine rankings is by blogging. Now obviously it requires effort and commitment, but if you have the ability to produce unique and relevant content on a regular basis, you’ll reap the rewards. However, there is a problem with blogging: you can’t always guarantee that as many people as you’d like will read what you’ve written. This is particularly the case if you work in a specialised sector of the market. Yes, you’ll attract those visitors who are interested and more likely to buy what you’re offering, but you won’t attract a wider, more diverse audience. The solution to this problem is article marketing: in other words getting your content on as many different websites, blogs and directories as possible. If you can provide a unique or valuable insight about your particular industry, then you should submit this to directories, websites and blogs that will post this content for you. Syndicating your articles will result in backlinks and will in turn lead to an increase in your company’s search engine rankings.

Commenting on other people’s blogs.

Making comments on other people’s blogs is a sure-fire way of creating backlinks. It’s simple and one of the most effective search engine marketing strategies. The best part of all is that it’s free. The majority of blogs these days will let you post a link back to your website: some will even pull the post from your most recent blog and link back to it. This inevitably leads to increased traffic from the blogs and greater visibility on the search engines.

Guest blogging for other websites.

Guest blogging is not only great for building search engine ranking: it build relationships to. If you submit a guest post for another blog, you’ll create backlinks and open your blog up to a whole new audience. If what you submit is relevant and well received, then you’ll open up the opportunity to post further posts later.

Social bookmarking.

As social media sites are now all the rage, it makes sense to use them to increase the profile of your business. Obviously most companies will automatically now incorporate Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn links on their websites, but it doesn’t have to stop there. There are now several free services like Social Monkey and Only wire that will let you post content on social sites. These services will help your business gain new backlinks, build search engine ranking and hopefully generate a little extra traffic to boot.

The whole purpose of search engine marketing as already stated is to build search engine ranking. Rather than using just one of the above strategies, why not use a variety? Using techniques like article marketing, syndication and guest blogging will generate new backlinks and lead hopefully help to create long-term traffic sources for your website.

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