Simple strategies to improve organic website traffic

If your business is looking for a stronger presence on the internet, then you’re going to have to address the issue of search engine optimisation at some time or other. It’s all-too-easy to put it off and hope that things will sort themselves out without having to resort to employing one of a number of SEO strategies: but the simple truth is – they won’t. If you want to build a better presence on Google or other search engine results pages, then you’re going to have to grasp the nettle, and the sooner you get started; the sooner you’ll start to reap the benefits.

But where to start? Well, how long’s a piece of string? SEO can be a mindboggling arena; that’s why a whole industry has been built on the back on it. Things can get very complicated if you start to delve too deeply, so our advice is to concentrate on the basics. Go for the simple strategies that bring the quickest and most notable improvements.

  • Create a new website page each month

A website’s positioning on the SERPs is underpinned by the concept of relevancy. If a website feels and appears relevant then it will rank more highly. Search engines judge relevancy primarily by how often the website is updated. So to boost your SEO footprint and to keep your website fresh, try to add at least one page on new quality content each month.

  • Submit a new directory listing each month

If you can submit one new directory listing each month you’ll improve your local SEO presence and that has to be good for both your reputation and your business. Whilst you’re doing that check through your existing directory listings and correct any errors that you may find. Incorrect listings won’t do anything for your online reputation, so get them sorted.

  • Clean up any broken links

It’s important to check your website for errors. Broken links and similar errors can affect your website’s performance. So regularly check your website using applications like Google Webmasters Tools or HubSpot, and fix any broken links you may find.

  • Create social media content that links back to your website

They say that social media is the ‘new SEO’ and to some extent that is true. It all adds grist to the mill and helps to enhance your business’ online reputation. But when you post interesting and relevant content to social media sites, it’s important to ensure that the content links back to a particular page on your website. This will benefit your SEO. The added benefit of course is that by doing this simple thing you will also ensure that your business is searchable on social media too. That’s a win-win is our books.

  • Add alt tags to all images

If you add any images on your website, it’s important to ensure that they have the relevant alt tags. Images are also searchable on search engines, so an alt tag is vital if you want your site to get the credit and recognition it deserves.

  • Publish a relevant blog entry

If you can create content that is both relevant and current, this will help to drive traffic to your website. What’s more, the more relevant and current your content is; the more likely it will be read and shared by other users on their own websites and social media profiles, and sharability goes a long way in SEO.

  • Remove any duplicate content

Search engines positively hate duplicate content, so it’s important to remove any you may come across. Check through your website and see if you are guilty of doing this. You might have done it inadvertently by posting information about a business event on both your website and a blog post. It may be an innocent mistake, but search engines take a very dim view of mirrored or duplicated content, and you could be penalised. If you need the information on both channels, then mix up the language and rewrite it in a different way so you don’t send the wrong message to the likes of Google.

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