Simple Tips To Attract More Online Visitors

If you want to attract more online business then you’re going to need more visitors. That’s kind of stating the obvious I realise, but it’s amazing just how many people don’t really sit down and take time to think about how they can increase the flow of traffic to their websites. It’s almost as if they believe all they have to do is sit back and wait for it to happen naturally. The problem is this rarely happens. The most successful people are generally the ones who go out and look for results: they’re the kind of driven individuals who refuse to take no for an answer. This kind of person appreciates that the key to good fortune is their website. For them, it’s the equivalent of a business card, a brand and an online shop all rolled into one neat bundle.  So, they make sure it looks good, functions correctly and always attracts the right sort of customer. Wouldn’t it be good if your business could do the same? Wouldn’t you like to make your business website more marketable and accessible? Well, you can if you follow these simple tips.

Online marketing

Social media optimisation

The value of social media can’t be over-emphasised, though some critics would claim it’s not as influential as it’s claimed to be. Well, you can argue the toss, but the fact is, it is. Therefore it’s important that any website should be optimised to make the most of this potential. By doing this, a business can almost guarantee a higher ranking in the SERPs. So, how do you optimise your website for social media?

The first step is to make sure you participate with other networks and communities, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. If you want to be accepted and respected as a member of a community, then you have be a part of it and add to it constructively. Try rating articles by other users, and submit your own articles to other people’s websites. In this way you’ll build up your network and garner interest from people who will be interested in both you and your company.
Don’t be afraid of a bit of self-promotion either. Write your own articles and share them amongst your community. If others promote what you’re sharing, then return the favour and do the same for them. The more you contribute to the community, the greater your chances of improving the levels of social media optimisation. You should see some dramatic increases in traffic volumes if you do this, and hopefully a greater proportion of conversions too.

Directory Listings

Directories offer an important way to gain credibility and develop links for your website. Many directories have good page ranking and a good reputation. By listing on them you will increase the number of one-way links and that will do your page rank no harm at all. However, make sure the directory has sufficient gravitas, as poor directory listings will probably do you more harm than good.

Write articles

By writing good quality, relevant articles, you can help to create back-links to your website, increase your page ranking and enhance your natural search engine optimization. By submitting just one article a week you can creates the opportunity for an your thoughts to get published on an infinite number of potential sites. The goal is gather more back-links to your site than to your competitors.

Incorporating keywords into your articles is critical to increase your site’s rankings and popularity. Paying for article submissions, at least some of the time, may also help to increase your Web popularity. Paid submissions often allow your site to anchor up your major words in your articles. In most cases, paid submission also guarantees your article is submitted. There are several good resources for article submission.

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