Simple Tips for Turbocharging an Email Marketing Strategy

Ask any web marketing guru and they’ll tell you the same – e-mail marketing is far from dead and buried. In fact, a high quality e-mail marketing campaign remains one of the most potentially powerful of all available marketing strategies, even now in 2016.

Of course, with more consumers than ever before actively screening, filtering and scrutinising every e-mail that comes their way, getting it right isn’t always a walk in the park. Nevertheless, with the help of the following 11 tips and guidelines from the experts, you might find it easier than you thought to well and truly turbocharge your own e-mail marketing strategy:

1. First of all, timing counts for a lot when it comes to the communications you send out. Research suggests that while people are less inclined to open and read emails on Mondays, Fridays and weekends, those sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to have much higher open rates.

2. Be sure to treat your e-mail marketing strategy as a tool with which long- term relationships can be nurtured over time. Think not about how you can score big points right now, but how you can slowly but surely build trust and engagement with your long-term goals in mind.

3. These days, any e-mail that isn’t personalised tends to be frowned upon. Which basically means the days of getting away with things like “dear sir” or “fellow Internet user” are well and truly over. Use the recipient’s real name and speak to them as if they were already a friend.

4. Research has shown time and time again that emails featuring mixed media are not only more likely to be opened and viewed, but can also have a marked impact on conversion rates. From colourful graphics to photographs to video clips and so on, whatever it takes to move away from blocks of unbroken text.

5. A quick point but an important point nonetheless, always ensure that the ‘unsubscribe’ option is both provided and featured prominently.

6. Rather than directly pushing and promoting your own products and services, focus instead on concept-driven content. Or in other words, provide your subscribers with content that is of genuine use and value to them, as opposed to simply doing you a favour.

7. Never forget that the average consumer rarely has more than a few seconds of time available to consult each e-mail received. As such, it is in your best interests to keep email content not only as concise as possible, but simple and free of jargon.

8. Another quick but important point is that of ensuring your communications are just as well presented on mobile devices as they are via desktop.

9. Choose a viable and attractive email template at the earliest possible stage and stick with it like glue. Over time, this will lead to a sense of familiarity and enhance customer engagement.

10. Automated email marketing certainly has its benefits, but so too does the lost art of 100% manual email marketing. In fact, studies have shown that the manual approach produces on average 10 times better results than automation.

11. Last but not least, ensure that every e-mail you send out features as many buttons and links as necessary to help the reader make the next move. Play around with CTAs and continually monitor the effectiveness of your emails, in order to alter and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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