Six Reasons to Consider a WordPress Site Migration

Websites are no longer supplementary additions to the primary focus of the modern business. Quite to the contrary in fact, they represent the digital storefront for your brand and may well determine whether you flourish or flounder.

Which is precisely why businesses tend to think that when it comes to website design and development, they need to opt for the most complicated and intricate options out there. Suffice to say, the prospect of transferring an online business to a WordPress website is one that often comes across as a downgrade.

But in reality, is there really anything to gain by making the switch to WordPress?

There is, and quite a lot for that matter!

Get Busy with Blogging

First of all, WordPress makes it spectacularly easy to set up a world-class blog on the same site you use for your primary business interests. Those that currently have no blog operational or are using a separate website to host their blog stand to benefit significantly by making the switch to a WordPress. Blogs are among the most powerful and important business tools ever devised – there’s no easier way of owning and operating one than via WordPress.

Constant Updates

In terms of security and safety, the fact that WordPress is being constantly updated makes it one of the soundest and sturdiest website development platforms available. Not only this, but the fact that all such maintenance and on-going improvements are carried out on your behalf means less work for you.

An Open-Source CMS

Still on the subject of continuous improvement, it is also worth remembering that given the fact that WordPress is an open-source content management system, tens of thousands of developers all over the world are constantly striving to improve it. From updates to themes to plugins to the very coding itself, everything about WordPress is in a constant state of evolution and is improving all the time.

SEO Friendliness

Getting your website in a prominent place in the SERP rankings means strong and wholly white-hat SEO. Not only does WordPress as a whole make it easy to optimise your site for search engines, but there are also dozens of outstanding SEO plugins available that help take things to the next level with little to no effort required.

Take Full Control

Even if you personally do not know the first thing about website design and management, chances are you will pick up the basics with WordPress almost instantly. Carrying out all essential edits, additions and performance tweaks is perhaps easier with WordPress than with any other development platform. As such, you get to take complete and total control over your business interests.

It’s Free

Last but not least, it’s also worth remembering that WordPress is 100% free to both download and use to your heart’s content with no strings attached. There’s always the possibility of investing in paid add-ons and enhancements, but technically speaking WordPress nonetheless gives you the opportunity to build and operate a quite stunning website without having to hand over a penny.

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