Social Media Marketing Tips: What Not To Do.

Is your social media marketing strategy failing you?

Are your business’ social media efforts failing to generate traffic and significantly boost sales? Well, if they are then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Millions of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide are using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube successfully to generate interest in their products and services and managing to connect with audiences who buy into their brand. If they can do, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t too. All you need is a well-thought strategy and a little helpful advice.

Giving advice is never easy, particularly in the context of social media.

What works for one business in a particular niche, won’t be effective for another. It’s a matter of horses for courses. So it’s often easier to give advice about what not to do, and the mistakes you should aim to avoid. So here’s some advice on the type of common social media marketing mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Targeting the wrong audience.

The real beauty of social media marketing is that it gives you the power to target a very specific audience. If you find that your social media campaigns are not generating as much traffic as you’d expect, or are attracting the wrong type of traffic, then it might be time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new strategy – a strategy that targets the right audience. Do the necessary research and work out who your ideal target audience is, find out which platforms they use and realign your social media strategy so that you speak to them directly.

Posting content for posting’s sake.

We assume you post content as part of your social media marketing efforts? If you don’t, then you should start to right away. If you do, but get little or no feedback, you’re probably not posting with any defined plans. What sort of content do you post? How often do you post it? Does your content generate interest or comment? Do you engage with your audience? The chances are if you’re not generating traffic, you’re posting simply for the sake of posting. To be effective social media posts need to be helpful, interesting and engaging. If they’re not then you can never hope to attract a loyal and faithful following. However, content doesn’t just need to be engaging: it also needs to be consistent and regularly shared with an audience. So draw up a calendar for your social media posting, and stick to it. Users like regularity and they’ll definitely want to know when more good content will be shared.

Selling is not engaging.

If you adopt a hard-sell approach every time you go on social networks, you’ll alienate what little audience you’ve managed to attract. It’s called the social media for a reason -the clue is in the title. Be social. What you need to do is engage with an audience, share content that resonates and inspires. Don’t simply promote your products and services. Instead ask your audience what they think of what you’re offering, and ask for opinions about how your products could be improved. If you can truly engage with users and become part of their online community, the sales will follow naturally without the need to force the issue.

Picking the wrong social media platform.

There are many social media platforms available, so it would be foolish to try to establish a presence on every one. If you try this approach you’ll spread yourself too thinly, and water down whatever message it is you’re trying to send out. Think of your target audience and do some research about which platforms they tend to hang out on, then focus your efforts on those platforms that best enable you to reach your target audience. If they predominantly use Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, don’t bother wasting your efforts on Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Don’t be impatient.

Many small and medium-sized businesses expect immediate results from their social media marketing efforts. This is an unrealistic expectation and will never happen. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building a presence on the social media takes time and effort, but it’s worth the effort as good things generally come to those who wait. Be patient and persistent and things will eventually turn around.

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