Social Media Statistics You Don’t, But Should Know

We’ve all heard of the social media and recognise that it does have influence and power over us whether we like it or not. Some people still see it as nothing but the latest fad and are convinced that sooner or later it will explode and fade away from public consciousness. Others think its potential is limitless and that it will continue to grow as infinitum. The truth, you suspect, is probably somewhere in between. So, to try to put this into some form of context, here are some of the latest statistics about the social media provided by Tweet this Stat! Some will surprise you, others may even astound you. What they hopefully will do is give the term ‘social media’ some context and hopefully go some way to explaining how this digital ingénue fits into the overall marketing mix. After that the choice is down to you: you can either forget all about them, or use the information to whatever advantage you might see fit.

Social media statistics

  • 20 percent of all searches on Google each day have never been searched for before.
  • There are more than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook.
  • 43 percent of all online consumers are social media fans or followers
  • 53 percent of people on Twitter recommend companies or their products in their tweets.
  • The average American internet user watches 30 minutes of video online per day.
  • 35 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 56 percent of LinkedIn’s 100 million users are outside of the United States.
  • Every day, 2,300 new Wikipedia articles are created, adding to its 17 million articles, with contributions from 91,000 active contributors.
  • There are 1.4 million new blog posts  created every day.
  • 200 million Facebook users access the service from a mobile device.
  • There are more than 5 billion photos on Flickr.
  • 45 million people view SlideShare presentations each month.
  • $3.08 billion will be spent to advertise on social networking sites in 2011, a 55 percent increase over 2010.

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