Social Media Trends 2019

We are unbelievably influenced on social media and at such a rapid speed. As a result, predicting trends for a full year can be quite difficult. However, there are certain things that stick around and affect the industry for quite some time. For example, influencer marketing has been a success for a few years now and has done wonders for the likes of Instagram.

Social media trends 2019

With this in mind, we have taken what we have seen in the past couple of months to discuss the trends that we expect will stick in 2019. These are trends we highly suggest you take on board if you want a successful social media marketing campaign this year.

Social listening

This is nothing new, but how we apply it is certainly changing. In the last few years, social listening has been used for managing brand mentions and reputations, but two things have changed. The first is that social media monitoring has evolved, with new sources of data and features that benefit start-ups and local businesses.

These days, the new features allow data sources to surpass basic brand monitoring. You can use it for selling, SEO, customer care and more. It can certainly help pave the way for social selling, but for now, it goes underused. We highly recommend jumping on this trend before it’s too popular.

Social shopping

Social selling is nothing new, but we are seeing more social media companies opening up their platforms for e-commerce. It’s only logical companies for companies to offer brands a range of features for advertising, such as YouTube or Instagram.

Last year, the Verge reported that Instagram might be working on an e-commerce app. This app will let users browse collections of goods from the brands that they follow and purchase them within the app.


Social media has become a key part of any marketing strategy, but last year has proven just how little knowledge we have of the impact of social media data that is collected on a daily basis. Cambridge Analytica caused a scene with such a huge data breach.

Things like this just show us that it’s time we become more transparent with our audiences. Data is one of the most important resources in social media marketing, so using it incorrectly won’t go down well with your customers. Luckily, GDPR tightens the reins on how we use audience data, so you likely won’t even consider crossing any lines.


Powered by social media, video content has been popular for quite some time. However, live streaming has never been bigger. Social streaming favours instant content. Stories, Snapchat and Facebook already use instant content, but live streaming is making waves. According to a report by Facebook, live broadcasts grew four times within the space of a year.

There are many ways to create live stream content, so get creative! You could use it to present a new product, hold live competitions, or announce the latest news from your industry. The great thing about live streaming is that it creates a real-time dialogue between you and your customers.

Private communities

In case you missed it, last year we saw a trend of private groups forming. More interactions occur in Facebook groups and private communities as opposed to public pages. Social media platforms keep creating new features to help keep the curation of private groups simple, as well as integrating messaging features in their apps. Consider creating a private community for your brand on Facebook or LinkedIn. This will give your customers a platform to communicate with both yourself and each other, encouraging brand loyalty and building a strong community.

We hope you found this helpful

Knowing the latest digital trends can be overwhelming but having a creative digital marketing agency to support your business can keep you on top of your game. To find out more, get in touch with Search and More today.

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