Social News – A Round Up.

You don’t want to trawl through the web to discover every new development.

So, we’ll serve it up for you on a blog plate right here.

The world of social moves fast, so this week I thought it was a good idea to catch up on what’s going on in the social media world.

Vine Time.

Last week I touched on the current growth of Vine. It’s a fast learner in this arena and is helping make social content more engaging than ever before while tapping in to the nature of how people are using social through smartphones and tablets.

Find out more in our blog – Hear It Through The Vine.

In An Instagram.

There’s a reason people like Instagram. The visual stimulation. The biggest users are the US, Japan and Brazil, so there will be a huge amount of buzz around the World Cup.

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Storytime for Google+.

The new Stories feature on Google+ is we discovered really quite inspiring. You upload your images/videos and Google creates a story for you. It’s a crafty way of accessing more information from us while also giving us something that we want.

We find out more in our blog  Google + – New Stories

World Cup Excitement.

It could be Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook that win at the World Cup this summer. It is they that will cash in on advertising along with TV and Radio this time. Adidas is spending more on digital marketing than on TV and even the TV ad urges them to engage on the social platforms. Meanwhile, there has already been more tweets about the World Cup before a ball has been kicked in Brazil than for the entire tournament in 2010. More on World Cup Social next week.

More on social next time.


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