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How are your email campaigns performing?

You ARE building a list, right? Your business will thank you, as email is still the most effective marketing platform available, returning up to 4,000% ROI. With email, you are only one direct message way from existing customers and prospective ones.

The downside to this is many other marketers are also aware of its efficacy, and have their campaigns up and running too. It seems like everywhere you go, you are asked for your email address; from shopping online to shopping in-store.

The average person receives up to 200 emails daily, it’s no wonder that there has been a marked decline in opt-ins. At some point, people just get tired of the seemingly endless emails. In spite of this, the medium is still an excellent marketing channel. Instead of focusing on more and more lead generation, it’s vital that marketers shift their focus towards optimising their email marketing for conversions.

By increasing customer engagement through email marketing, the business experiences an increase in revenue.


We’ve all been advised to write great content, include better subject lines, and have a clean design; but that plan falls flat when the basics are missing. What’s the point of the ‘cleanest’ email design if it isn’t converting into sales and revenue? Do a quick audit and ask yourself the following questions:

How are they viewing your emails?

Do you know how your emails are accessed? A study found that engagement varies by email client, and even by device. A Hubspot whitepaper showed an appreciably larger number of opens on mobile devices when compared to desktop computers. Be sure to test ALL the elements of your emails on different mobile devices before sending CTAs, banners, images covering text, links that work etc.

What are their pain points?

What problems are they facing that your service can help them with? Understanding the customer journey can help you move them through your sales funnel, while still providing value.

One example is the e-commerce platform, Shopify. They know setting up an e-commerce store can be overwhelming, so they offer new users a free trial and monitor activity on the account. If the account seems dormant, a follow-up email is sent that offers ideas for the user. One example is an email showing them ‘5 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers’, to help with logo design.

Are you giving subscribers actionable steps?

Providing interesting content is one way to engage customers, but what comes next? Whether it’s to visit a page on your site, call for more information or teach them a new feature, you have to tell your readers what to do next.

These steps don’t always have to be sales driven. For example, Adobe sends out emails to paying customers, showing them cool tools they can use in the Adobe Suite.

What events affect their buying patterns?

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, your products or service may not be required every day, all year round. Certain products and services are seasonal; others are only required at intervals during the year. To understand the customer and send targeted offers, collate data influencing their purchase decisions. Are there certain times of year that they require a particular size, colour,  and style?

Knowing this will allow you determine the best times to send emails targeting that event, thus increasing the chances of a conversion. An example is an auto shop that emails you a reminder 11 months after your last MOT.

Are you testing?

Boosting conversions is best addressed when you have an email list to work with and can switch elements around to test.

Some email marketing elements that can be tested include:

  • Testing how much revenue is generated by emails sent on different days of the week,
  • Including different social sharing buttons and seeing which ones get clicked and how often,
  • Testing html-formatted emails versus text-based emails.

Building an engaged list isn’t the easiest marketing task; but done right, it can exponentially increase revenue. Split testing will help find the types of emails that your audience responds best to.

A responsive list can be worth a lot to any business, so what are you waiting for?

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