How to Supercharge Your Primary Landing Pages

Without effective landing pages, the rest of your website is effectively superfluous. These days, first impressions count for everything when it comes to online businesses and you cannot expect visitors to give you a second thought if they are not immediately won over. Nevertheless, research shows that comparatively few online business owners are giving their primary landing pages the comprehensive thought and attention they require – ultimately paying the price.

On the plus side, it doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult to seriously up the ante with your own landing pages. In fact, work in accordance with the following four guidelines and chances are you’ll find it difficult to go wrong:

1. Keep it Light

First and foremost, keeping your landing pages light is important for two reasons. First and foremost, landing pages that bombard visitors with too much information all at once are considerably more likely to prompt immediate exits. Not only this, but keeping the initial landing pages as light as possible also means faster loading pages and content that is more likely to be suitable for mobile devices. The more complicated and cluttered your landing pages are, the less likely they are to have the desired effect on your customers.

2. Make It Different

Try to remember that your landing page doesn’t necessarily have to mirror the standard design or layout of the rest of the pages across your site. It could be that your site’s general content is relatively heavy, deep or complex – this doesn’t mean that your landing pages have to be anything of the sort. Of course, it is important to ensure that you do not give your visitors any kind of false impression as to what to expect should they continue. Nevertheless, landing pages generally have just one purpose which is to engage – ultimately inspiring your visitors to continue their journey.

3. Be Ready for Traffic

One extremely important rule to follow when it comes to building successful landing pages is that of thinking ahead with respect to traffic. The reason being that while everything seems to work just fine during your own tests, you have to think about what might happen when there are maybe 200, 2,000 or even 10,000 visitors attempting to access the page all at once. Chances are that absolutely everything about your landing pages will behave entirely differently when traffic volumes increase, which is why this must be brought into consideration during each design phase.

4. Create More Landing Pages

Last but not least, while it’s true to say that more isn’t always better, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to landing pages. Once you have nailed the formula for the kind of landing page that works, it could be in your best interests to increase the actual number of landing pages you have. Research has shown that when a business increases its number of landing pages from 10 to closer to 20%, this has the potential to lead to increase in leads of more than 50%. It may not be guaranteed, but it is certainly worth experimenting with.

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