How Well Is Your Target Audience Relating To Your Website Content?

Is your internet marketing letting your business down? Are you failing to attract new users to your website?

If the answer to these two questions is yes, then it could well be the content on your website that’s to blame. One of the biggest factors that effects the success of your marketing is how well your audience relates to your content. If users feel that you understand their needs and can help them or give them expert advice, then they will be more likely to respond to your calls to action. It’s all about relevance. If your content isn’t relevant, then they will disregard what you’re saying.

The key to improving your relationship with your customers is getting to know them better.

But obviously that begs the question how do you achieve this? Hopefully the following pointers might be of help. Hopefully when you know them better you’ll be on the road to creating content that meets their needs and increases your conversion rates.

Get to know your target audience better.

  • Subscribe to the same sort of blogs and magazines your audience is reading.
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts so that you can follow the same sort of news topics they’re following.
  • Try to attend all the conferences and trade shows that your audience attends. If time constraints mean this isn’t always possible read up on the event’s website to find out what the hot topics are and what’s trending.
  • Study how your competitors interact with your audience.
  • Join the same sort of Twitter communities that your audience engage with.
  • Read their tweets carefully and learn from them.
  • Join LinkedIn groups that members of your target audience belong to and follow their discussions.
  • Do the same with Facebook and join and engage with the groups that members of your target audience belong to.
  • Review and respond to the comments on your blog. If there’s an obvious problem fix it right away. If users want more information or additional help then make sure you provide it.
  • Keep an eye on social media platforms and see what your target audience is saying about you or your products. Monitor what content they share the most.
  • Use website analytics to study which pages are getting the most views. Once you have this information you’ll know what sort of content your target audience finds most useful and interesting.
  • Use website analytics to find out which keywords people are using to locate your web pages.
  • Use Google’s keyword tool to find other keywords that may be relevant and attract a larger audience.
  • Ask your staff and customer service representatives what your customers’ biggest concerns are.
  • Survey your customers and ask them what types of content ideally they would like from you.
  • Keep your customers fully informed and make sure you ask for their feedback and opinions at every available opportunity.

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