Three Key SEO Predictions for 2016

Don’t listen to those who hastily proclaim of the death of search engine optimisation prematurely – SEO is going to continue to be a thing, and an important thing at that, for the foreseeable future at least. Think of it this way, no matter how many big changes are made online and in the way we do things, we are always going to need search engines of one kind or another to help us get where we want to be. And as the web gets bigger and more complex, search is technically going to become even more important as a means by which to cut through the detritus and get to the good stuff.

This is why any talk of SEO being dead and buried by the year 2016 is in every respect utter nonsense. The landscape may be changing, but the importance of web search will be just as it has always been only with a slightly different list of rules to follow.

Actually, that’s not quite true as the rule book has changed quite dramatically over recent years, so in terms of key predictions for 2016, what are the world’s search engine optimisation gurus expecting to see?

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Well, first of all we are already living in an era where various types of mobile search have well and truly overtaken standard desktop search. However, 2016 is widely expected to bring along the tipping point the vast majority of money being earned by way of advertising and marketing clicks will be generated by smartphones and tablet PCs as opposed to standard computers.

What this therefore means is that we are looking at a year where chances are for the very first time, spending on mobile search engine optimisation strategies will overtake and outpace that of standard desktop SEO. This will of course vary in accordance with the nature of the business in question, but to say that the 2016 will see serious evolution of the mobile revolution would be something of an understatement.

Voice Search

The fact that’s pretty much every mobile device and home computer alike now allows for voice search makes it inevitable that this kind of a web search is going to become considerably more important in 2016 and beyond. What’s most interesting about voice search compared to standard web searches is the way in which those using voice tend to use considerably more conversational terms that are extremely precise and often complex in nature.

In terms of what this means for any given business, it’s simply a case of no longer getting away with using the traditional single keyword and short key phrase approach to SEO as those carrying out the searches will be looking for rather more specific answers and directions.

Locality and Maps

Last but not least, recent studies have shown that an extraordinary proportion of web users who are in any way out to spend money consult maps and factor locality into the equation when deciding who to shop with. This is once again expected to take a quantum leap forward in 2016 as it is now easier than ever to instantly find out both where you are and how far away from you any given business or services are at any time of night or day at the touch of a button.

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