‘Tis The Season To Extend Your Holiday Marketing Efforts.

The end of the year is fast approaching; marketing budgets are being used up, products are, (hopefully) flying off shelves, Christmas presents are wrapped and out the door.

But should Christmas Day signify the end of the holiday period? The months of preparing campaigns for your business, running them and collecting data are coming to an end.

But should they?

Between November’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday, with the peak retail season up to the 24th of December, you must have run through your ad campaigns. But it doesn’t have to end there. These campaigns still have life in them. Even after Christmas, you can still milk your initial efforts; all the way from Boxing Day till the end of January.

This period marks when people start to cash in gift cards, return unwanted and exchange cringe-worthy Christmas gifts. Retailers and business can use this period to close last minute sales and form new relationships. Your business can also be a hero for those who forgot to buy gifts and are in the doghouse over gifts. The following are ways to prolong your initial efforts:

Update landing pages and campaigns.

The theme of your email communications, banner ads, scheduled social media posts should change from an OTT Christmas-sy vibe to a toned down holiday feeling. Less Christmas verbiage and images, instead use more holiday, feel-good pictures. With customers thinking of New Year and going back to school, you can connect with them by offering timely discounts.

Think fast and adapt.

Use the data from this campaign to find out which of your tactics your customers connected with the most. Sometimes the shopping experience may be flawed by a lengthy checkout process or a complex sign-up process. Make the effort to further simplify everything for them. It saves you from the scourge of abandoned shopping carts.

Get personal.

With the Christmas champagne wearing off, and people getting back to their normal routines, use the data you have to re-connect with them. For those who have abandoned goods in their cart, give them an offer – free shipping, free personalization, a steep discount. You can also offer these deals to your social media followers.

Use customers to work for you.

All previous buyers have, hopefully, become brand ambassadors. Encouraging them to spread your message to friends and family, is one way to increase sales and your customer base. Remember, we buy from people we like. You can incentivise this action by offering a steep discount or first dibs on new products. Word-of mouth marketing can also work well on social media.

Nurture existing relationships.

Holiday marketing blitz done? That doesn’t mean you abandon the email newsletters. Disappearing from your customers from now till around September next year, is simply not cool. You don’t want to make them feel used, do you? Both your existing and the new subscribers that your holiday marketing campaign has attracted should be nurtured.

Offer more information on your products; sales , discounts; you can even use their info to offer special discounts on their birthdays. It is important you do this as some people may have signed up and forgotten about you. The earlier you remind them, with a juicy tidbit, the better for your business.

December 26 to January 31st is still a hot shopping period for any business. Don’t let the time and money spent on creating 2014’s holiday marketing campaign be wasted; use these tips to extend the life of your marketing efforts and double the rewards. Search and More wish you a happy holiday celebration.

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