Top Content Marketing Tips For 2015

Time for a new marketing plan, right? Not necessarily.

As much as things change, they also tend to stay the same. Facebook is still an ad platform (even if it’s efficiency is in doubt), Twitter is still a 140 character medium; great content still requires work. So not much has changed. Things have shifted slightly though; with Google’s algorithm updates, Facebook changing it’s policies for Business Pages, yet some things stay the same and just work.

Take content marketing, for example. Yes, a buzzword in 2014, and also a much abused concept. But it still works. Done right, a well planned content strategy in 2015 will net your brand:

  • Customer awareness
  • New leads
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Sales
  • Foster lead nurturing

The thought of creating content that does all these can be daunting to most.

By using the following tips, content marketing in 2015 can become much easier for you:

Start with the end in mind.

What do you want your content to achieve? What do you want your audience to do after consuming your content? Define what kind of content will best achieve this. As you produce content, remember to measure and track it’s effectiveness.

Better content required.

Yes, I said it. Steadily churning out blasé content isn’t content marketing and it has to stop. In 2015, aim to create and promote content that actually helps your readers. Give them content that they can use and generate an almost instant win. Forgettable, me-too content is so 2013, get with the program! Knowing your buyers and speaking their language is the bet way to get them looking your way.

Theme everything.

Grouping your content in calendar batches; either monthly or quarterly, allows you to come up with better content ideas. Seeing your content calender laid out allows you to tie in different events. From industry events and trends to national holidays to even the weather, you can use theming to shape the direction of your posts. This also helps your readers relate more with your message. It can also help advertisers align their ads to your content.

Remember the insane ROI from email marketing?

It’s time to take advantage of that and turn more of your popular posts into lead capture opportunities. In line with the theming tip from above, customise the opt-in ‘bribe’ to match the landing page.

Old content?

There is no such thing! Existing content can be re-used in many ways. Especially if you took the time to create an epic piece. By extracting snippets to post on Twitter or turning chapters to infographics or an email sequence, you can use existing content to reach a wider audience. It also allows you to use the same content across multiple channels.

Always keep your eyes peeled.

your customers are a constant font of content ideas. Tweets, enquiries, emails, even complaints can all be turned into helpful content. You can address the things they want to know about your product, your industry or even your company. Keep tabs on mentions of your name and product across social media platforms.

Your content in 2015 should shape your reader’s behaviour. It should cause them to pause, engage with you and eventually take the action you want them to. Let Search and More help your company create content that nurtures leads and eventually makes them customers.

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