UK Government Web Guidelines Include Essential Tips For Online Marketing.

The UK government recently outlined a new initiative which is geared towards getting British businesses to ‘Do More Online’ – the title being somewhat self-explanatory.

But rather than simply offering the basic ins and outs with regard to making the transition to web operations, the documents and guidelines on offer actually contain some stellar insights into how to fully capitalise on what the web has to offer. In what could to some extent prove to be a knock to certain web marketing groups, what’s abundantly clear is that the government would ideally like to see more businesses taking more essential matters into their own hands.

DIY Web Marketing

Setting up a website and getting it up and running is one thing, but when it comes to knowing the very best channels and approaches to the marketing side of things, what chance does any newcomer to the web really have? Does DIY web marketing really exist, or is it wholly out of the capabilities of all but pros?

Well, it all depends at what kind of level you’re looking to do your marketing, but in terms of getting your business off to a strong start, the government’s guidelines cover an array of key points and insights.

For example:

Social Media Advertising.

The fact that services like Facebook and Twitter are both free to use and have hundreds of millions of users makes social media a uniquely rewarding marketing medium to consider.

Overseas Expansion.

Another obvious benefit of selling online is the ability to instantly and cheaply advertise what it is you do and what your brand represents to overseas audience members, as well as domestic markets.

Email Marketing.

With the right approach, simple email marketing campaigns can still be extraordinarily effective and are well within the capabilities of pretty much anyone.

Paid Advertising.

From sponsored listings to banner ads and so many more besides, the documents offer solid teachings on which to choose and how to effectively use them.

Taking Digital Skills Further.

In addition to covering the basics, the government is also extending its push by offering direction to additional third-party resources which could be of value to anyone looking to take their existing skills to the next level. With a good grasp of web design, marketing and optimisation principles it becomes perfectly possible for any business owner to take their operations so much further than would otherwise have been possible.

Pro-activity Pays

The underlying message that’s clear across the board is that of proactivity paying dividends and inactivity posing a rather serious risk. It’s not as if the government can be expected to physically reach out to every business across the UK and force it to begin making the best use of the web – it’s up to each respective business owner to make the necessary efforts.

Of course, with such ease of access these days said efforts can be minimal across the board – it’s just a case of taking that first step which although daunting could not be of greater importance.

The future of almost every UK business lies online – the time has come to embrace change.

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