What is Vero and how will it affect businesses on Social Media

In the past few days, you may have noticed online hype about a new social media app called Vero True Social. Vero has quickly gained a reputation for being the new Instagram, but it has already faced a variety of issues, one being that the network keeps crashing due to a flood of new users, and the fact that it will eventually introduce subscription fees.

Though the network in fact quite a few years old, it wasn’t until of late that it has managed to move the focus away from Facebook and Instagram. Many Influencers on Instagram have been sharing that they intend to use the network, which is a sure way to encourage others to move over.

Technical Difficulties

Since the app has gained popularity, however, many are struggling to get onto the network due to technical issues. They find themselves to be either unable to sign up or find that their posts are not going out.

Another issue that was brought to attention was the rights to content creation. It appeared that the terms and conditions stated that once our content was posted, it would be free for anyone else to use. However, this issue has since been addressed and is in fact not the case.

Why are People Moving?

Despite these technical and copyright issues, many are still keen to make the move, but why? Since Instagram updated its algorithm, making it difficult for people to see the latest posts in their newsfeeds and felt rather bombarded with the same user’s images at the top of the page, leaving less room for a variety of content. Vero follows a chronological algorithm, meaning what you will see is up to date, a system many have been asking for from Instagram for a good while.

Another aspect encouraging people to make the move is that Vero is an ad-free service. Though they are to introduce an annual subscription fee, this is only to be put in place to cover the costs normally paid by businesses to advertise their services.

How will this Affect Businesses?

Although businesses may not be able to promote themselves via paid advertising, there are still ways to go about getting products shared out by other users. Brands are allowed to pay influencers to promote their product or service under the clarification that it is in no way associated with the network. There will also be an option to allow users to “buy now” on any business account posts. However, in order to add this button, brands must pay a fee.

Though it may seem like a setback for businesses, Vero may be a good way to encourage brands to take a step back and rethink their approaches to promotion. Users have grown tired of scrolling through their feeds to find an ever-growing list of advertisements for things they simply don’t find interesting.

Though the excitement around Vero is very fresh, we are excited to see how this new platform progresses and how businesses change their social media models to bring in new customers. But until then, Search and More is here to keep your business on top with our favourite online approach, SEO. Contact us today to see how we can help create a responsive website design and offer you website and social media management in Stockport for your brand.

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