Why is My Website Not Making the Money It Should?

Every penny you spend on your business should be greatly benefiting it to varying degrees, and if it is not financially paying off then it stands to reason that it is losing you money instead of helping you with ways to make money from your website.

One area that is constantly focused on is where it pertains to websites. Why is it not drawing in business? Why is this marketing we pay for not doing anything? Why are people not staying on our website despite us having better service?

In truth, it can come down to several reasons, but the good news is that all of them are fixable, with varying degrees of attention paid to them.

What You Say

If your website is not making you money then you can guarantee that it needs attention.

First, let us look at how your page reads – and not just to you. You can benefit greatly from feedback from someone not involved in the business. Here you may discover some things that have not occurred to you based on your users.

Look at how you are communicating; is it too wordy, nondescript or repeating the same thing on the same page multiple times? There is a good chance that you may have knocked up all about your business and products etc by yourself, and that may be where you are going wrong. You may know everything about your industry and everything happening, but your users do not. They may read too many words they don’t know and feel lost, and when people feel lost their first instinct is to find their way out.

What You Show

There is an old saying where a business owner would say that their website is so easy that a child could use it. But here is a challenge for you – present your website to a child on a mobile device and see how they fare. If they get bored or frustrated because things are not clicking how they should or navigating how they should, then the problem does not lie in the age of the user, but the usability of the site.

Responsive website design Stockport is incorporated into business websites now because everyone uses mobile devices, and it does not matter how old the person is, the results are always the same – they get frustrated using ones that are not.

Your website usability is a major factor to why your business is not generating revenue if you are not responsive in the 21st century. Your core audience is not logging in through desktop computers as much as they were 10 years ago.

Your website making money relies on a lot of thought and forward-thinking to how people use websites in today’s world. For trading more effectively on the internet or to find out ways to make money from your website, contact the team at Search and More for Stockport website design.

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