Why are web analytics important for online success?

Web analytics are a crucial aspect of online marketing for all businesses. But what are they, how you can access and understand them, and why could they help you to reach more customers?

What are web analytics?

The term ‘web analytics’ encompasses the wide range of data available from your website. This includes statistics such as the number of visitors to your site, your bounce rate (how many landed on your site, but found it wasn’t what they were looking for) and link clicks. A wealth of information can be found regarding the performance of your site – and you can delve deeply or read it superficially to examine your efforts and determine whether you need to do anything differently. Web analytics often go neglected as business owners aren’t sure how to find them, or how to interpret them.

How can I understand web analytics and use them to my advantage?

Web analytics are a key indicator of what’s working and what’s not – so the best way to look at them is as a health check for your online marketing. For example, if you can see that your visitor numbers are good, but your bounce rate on one particular page is high, you know that something needs to change on that page. Conversely if visitor numbers are low but statistics indicate that they stay for a long time, it’s perhaps a good idea to invest in SEO or PPC to drive traffic to what could be a lucrative website.

Reading further into web analytics for future growth

Web analytics can be incredibly detailed – and therefore they can be hard to understand in a productive way. The best tool for beginners (and even experts) is Google’s interface – Google Analytics. Google does much of the hard work for you, presenting an easy to read dashboard which displays your site’s performance for any given time period. If you’re still having trouble getting anything meaningful from your web analytics, it’s best to consult with your web team or enlist the support of seasoned professionals. They’ll help you to make sense of what’s going on, and can interpret the analytics on an ongoing basis to tweak your approach for future growth.

If web analytics confuse you or you need further support and information about online marketing, why not give our friendly team a call? We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you, and can guide and advise you based on your individual objectives.

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